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5 Petrol Station Safety Tips

A petrol station is the perfect place for criminals to sneak up on their victims and catch them by surprise. Whether it is while they are sitting in their car alone waiting for a petrol attendant or getting out to pay the bill inside.

Most of the time when you stop at a petrol station you will think you are safe enough to leave your doors unlocked with your valuables in plain sight.

However a thief has the ability to quickly approach your car, open the door, steal your belongings and take off in a matter of seconds.

Use these 5 tips to prevent yourself from becoming a victim of theft at a petrol station.
Pick a petrol station that is well-lit with active petrol attendants and if possible, surveillance cameras.Always take your keys with you and lock your doors.Keep your valuables out of sight, rather lock them in your boot or hide them under the seat.Pay close attention to your surroundings and be aware of any suspicious characters.NEVER let your cell phone distract you.
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