How to Prevent Remote Car Jamming

Car jamming is a serious reality in South Africa, whether you are parked in a secure mall parking lot, at the garage or even just outside your home. This is why making sure your car is locked properly is vital to ensure you do not become the next victim.
But how does remote car jamming work?
When you leave your car and “lock it”, the criminal who has targeted your vehicle will use another remote control to override the locking system – as a result you will walk away without realising your car is still unlocked and the alarm is off.
There is an upside though, remote car jamming is easy to prevent – all you have to be is attentive! Make sure when you press the button to lock your car that you hear the beep and see that the locks are clicked into place. It is even a good idea to check your car handles to make sure the doors don’t open. You may feel like it is an inconvenience to do these checks, but a few seconds of your time can save you money and a lot of heartache.
 Follow these few simpl…

Gun Safety for Children

It is vital that we ALWAYS take precautions when children are in an area where guns may be present. And the facts are that one third of households with young children have a gun in the home.

Here are our top gun safety tips…
Storage Safety
      1.Keep all guns in a locked location, unloaded and out of reach
      2.Store all ammunition separately from guns in a locked location, out of reach of children
      3.Make sure keys to safes are hidden and the combinations are changed on a regular basis
      4.If you need to take your gun out, make sure it is in your line of sight
      5.All guns need to be equipped with effective, child-proof gun locks
      6.If any of your visitors have a gun, ensure you provide them with a locked place to hold it
      7.NEVER leave your gun on a nightstand, table or place where a child can reach it – this can lead to injuries and fatalities
Talk to your Kids
      1.Explain to your children that their toy gun or the gun they see in a movie or video game is not …

Is Illegal Drug Activity Happening in your Rental Property?

You can’t control every single thing that happens inside the property you are renting out, however you can do something to reduce the chances of renting to tenants who take part in illegal activities.
If you spot any of the warning signs – do not put it off! You need to take action before their illegal activities affect you…
Be aware of these red flags:
* Frequent traffic of people and cars in and out of the premises. Have you noticed that your tenants always have frequent visitors; however they only stay for a short period of time? They may just have a large social circle OR this can be a sign of drug dealing.
* Strange Odours. Manufacturing drugs can cause a weird smell. Have the people next door mentioned unusual ammonia odours or the smell of marijuana smoke?
* High electricity & water usage. Growing marijuana or manufacturing illegal substances usually involved more electricity and water use, which results in a higher bill. Check the bill for sudden spikes if you think there may b…

8 South African Road Safety Tips for Foreigners

Staying safe and sound on the road can be daunting, for locals that are driving and even more so for foreigners using the roads.
Stay safe in South Africa, whether you're driving or not - download the PatrolMan app and keep up to date with the latest crime stats in the area, as well as use the SOS button if you're ever in an emergency situation!
Learn how to navigate the South African roads safely with these 8 road safety tips…
       -Always have a valid driver’s license with you. Any traffic officer who pulls your over will ask for your license, no matter which country you are from. So, always make sure you carry one with you, as well as an International Driver’s Permit – in English!
      -Remember that the rules of the road may be different. If you’re from a country that has left hand drive cars and you travel on the right side of the road, then be careful! It can be tricky at first to get it right on the other side of the road. Also keep in mind that distance and speed is me…

Make sure your Car doesn’t get broken into with these simple steps…

Vehicle theft seems to increase more and more every year, but why have these incidents happened? Well, more and more items are being left out in plain sight inside vehicles for potential thieves to see!
If possible, always make sure that you park your car inside a garage or behind a gate. Should this not be possible, then you need to make sure that anything of value is not left inside your vehicle.
You never know who is watching and waiting, so if you have to leave things inside your vehicle then make sure they are locked safely in your boot before you park your car.
Here’s how to secure your car properly…
  ØTry your best to keep your vehicle in good working condition so you don’t have to deal with breakdowns – this makes you vulnerable to attack!
  ØYour vehicle should have a petrol tank cap that locks and secures properly.
  ØIt is best to get an alarm system or immobilizer for your vehicle.
  ØIf possible, get a gear lock or steering lock – this may seem old school, but it works!
Try your …

The Pros and Cons of using Fake Security Signs

You may have seen a few fake security signs in your neighbour’s yard and wondered to yourself – do these actually work to deter criminals from breaking in?

Let’s start with the good news; there are a few benefits of having fake security signs…
      ·It is so much cheaper to purchase fake security signs than to actually buy an entire home security system.
      ·Slapping a few fake stickers and signs on your doors and windows takes basically no time at all.
      ·This method can actually work, but it all depends on the type of burglars and how serious they are about breaking in. Faking it is sometimes enough to scare away possible intruders.
You get what you paid for, so faking a security system could possibly backfire, so maybe think twice about fake security signs.
      ·A lot of fake security signs look unconvincing, so if you’re going down this route make sure they actually look real.
      ·Clever thieves will Google your security company to make sure they actually exist, …

Driveway Safety for Children

A young child’s behaviour is often unpredictable; this is why it is vital to always expect the unexpected!
Always remember that your children are at risk of being injured by vehicles in your very own driveway – a familiar, home environment. But it is a fact that so many children are killed or injured in their own driveway by vehicles driven by a loved one.

Here are some driveway safety tips and facts that you need to know…
> Children run over in their own driveway or usually under the age of three
> Drivers are usually parents, family members or friends who were unaware that the child was in the driveway

> The vehicles involved are usually moving slowly or reversing

Your responsibility as a parent or an adult is to – Hold their hand or keep them close!

Why are children so vulnerable to injury on driveways?
1. They are small and hard to see
2. They are often unpredictable and may run off without parents realising
3. They do not know the dangers of running behind or in front of a mo…