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What to do if your Pet is stolen!

It is a devastating situation to be in when your pet is lost, but it is even worse when you suspect that your pet was stolen!
If you think that your pet was stolen, you have to act quickly – here’s what you can do to recover your beloved pet…
> File a police report or contact your neighbourhood watch group immediately. This will be useful when it comes to identifying your pet in and around your location.
> Post about it on social media. Don’t mention it was stolen; this may make the person who found your pet hesitant to come forward.
> Canvass the area where your pet was last seen to see if anyone observed the theft.
> Most people steal pets to make some sort of profit. If you are offering a reward, don’t mention how much.
> Post flyers around your area as well as in local grocery stores.
> If someone claims to have your pet, never meet alone in a secluded place and never give them the reward before you get your pet back!
> Pure bred pets are almost always sold for a pro…

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