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6 Vital Vehicle Maintenance Tips you should know

Daily driving is something most of us do, however there are a range of dangers lurking all over the road.

With all the right kind of information, you can stay safe on the road should you ever be in an emergency situation. Here are 6 vital vehicle maintenance tips you should ALWAYS know…
      1.Make sure your vehicle is serviced on a regular basis to make sure it is in the correct condition at all times.
      2.If you are going to be driving for a long distance, be sure to do a pre-trip inspection to check for any faults in your vehicle.
      3.It is vital that you know how to change your tyres, how to jump start your car as well as how to fix other small maintenance issues.
      4.Do not ignore any warning signs or lights that appear on your vehicle
      5.Try to fill up your car with petrol when it reaches the halfway point or before you go on a long trip.
      6.Always check the condition and the pressure of your tyres on a regular basis. Tyres that are worn can burst and leave you …

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