What to do in an Emergency Situation

Should you ever be in a situation where you, someone you know or even a stranger is in danger – you need to know what to do!

It is important first of all to get hold of emergency services, whether you call the police or the neighbourhood crime watch (press the SOS button on PatrolMan app) or both!
If there is a possibility that someone will be harmed or is harmed already, you need to access the situation and collect the following details:
      -The location of the emergency situation, this includes any landmarks, etc.       -The number you are calling from       -The details of what happened       -How many people need help or assistance       -Conditions of the people involved       -What assistance is being given at the moment
Do not put down the phone until you have given the person on the other end all the information they need.

What should you do if someone is unconscious?
      -Are they responding if you squeeze their shoulders or ear lobe?       -If they are not breathing check their ai…

The Safe Journey to and from School

In the car your child watches what you do and learns from your example, so make sure that you always follow the rules of the road. Keep to the correct speed limit, be a courteous driver and NEVER use your cell phone while you are driving.
ALWAYS use the side closest to the curb when helping your child in or out of the car!

If you live close enough, walking to school is a nice way to start the day. While walking, you will have the time to discuss road safety awareness and teach them how to be safe…
  nAlways hold your child’s hand while walking and crossing the road.   nTake special care and pay attention when there is a lot of traffic.   nChildren learn by watching their parents, so always cross the road by zebra crossings and wait for pedestrian traffic lights.
When you are crossing the road with your child, teach them these four simple steps:
STOP a step back from the curb if there is no pathway
LOOK right, left, right for approaching traffic
LISTEN in all directions for any traffic

How to Stay Safe When Walking to your Vehicle Alone at Night

The place where you parked your car this morning may look safe at that moment, but when you have to go home after dark that same spot can become dangerous.

Criminals are everywhere, searching for victims that look easy to take advantage of, so the best way to stay safe when you are walking to your car at night is to read these safety tips and make then a habit.
       -Always be aware of your surroundings.
       -Should you see a suspicious person, do not be afraid to report them to security personnel, the police or your neighbourhood crime watch.
       -Carry pepper spray, mace or personal alarm.
       -Plan a safe route to get back to your vehicle and tell someone you are going that way.
       -Wall on well-lit paths where other people may be walking.
       -Steer clear of alley ways, entries, bushes and anything else an attacker could be using as a hiding spot.
       -Don’t flash your smartphone, expensive jewellery or cash.
       -Do carry your phone in case of an emergency but kee…

How to Stay Safe when getting in or out of your Vehicle

During those few seconds when you get in or out of your vehicle, you are the most vulnerable to attack. Criminals know that distractions such as putting your groceries into the boot, strapping your child in their seat and simply unlocking the door can work to their advantage.

This is why it is so important to know how to stay safe and even be ready for a fight when you get in or out of your vehicle…
Always be ready to open your car door:
  §Do not stand around looking through your handbag, purse or pockets – have your keys out, in your hand and ready to open the door.   §Carry your keys in your right hand to unlock and get into your vehicle faster. Try holding your keys in-between your fingers as a self-defence weapon.   §Hook your finger through a keyring to avoid dropping your keys, especially if your hands are full.
Listen to your gut:
  §Look around and be aware of suspicious people that may be watching you from a distance.   §Consider climbing in from the passenger side to avoid being g…

How to keep your Home Safe While you’re Away

It doesn’t matter where you’re going, whether it be a quick business trip, two week vacation or overnight stay at a friend’s house, you want to know that your home is safe and sound.
No matter what the situation may be, here’s how to keep your home safe…
Lock up ALL the windows as well as ALL the doors. This includes any doors that lead in or out of your yard, your garage and shed. If you have an alarm system in your house, ensure that it is properly armed when you leave and let your security company know AND your neighbourhood crime watch that you will be leaving.
One of the silliest things that people do when they go away is to post about it on social media. The bad guys also use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. so don’t let them see your vacation pictures – this will only confirm to them that you are away and your home is empty.

Create an Illusion:
The worst thing you can do when you are away from home is to leave the impression that your home is empty! Don’t l…

Fighting back against an Attacker

Do you think you would be able to defend yourself if someone were to attack you? This is a question many of us put aside because we do not want to consider it, but the truth is that violence is a part of our lives.
Should you ever be the victim of an attack, you need to know how to stay safe:
Make a noise and push back – If you do not have the option to run away from the attacker, and then make as much noise as you possibly can! Shout; be loud and hopefully someone will hear you. Move your hands around and wave your arms and this could deter the attacker from targeting you.
Hit them where it hurts – Hit hard and target areas of the body where it hurts the most. Aim for the eyes, nose, neck, knees, throat and the groin. And remember to hit them as many times as you can!
Know how to do some damage –A punch with a closed fist will most likely hurt you more than the attacker, so rather use your palms, elbows or knees to do damage. Everyday objects you carry around can also be used as potentia…

Do you think you’re being followed? Here’s what to do

No matter who you are, normal people can get followed either be strangers or stalkers. There may be a motive behind the following, but no matter what it is – it’s really scary!
If you have the feeling that you are being followed, don’t ignore your gut feeling, use these helpful tips:
      ·Stay Calm

If you’re being followed while driving, don’t panic, speed away and cause a scene. It is best to slow down, think about the situation and drive to a police station or somewhere safe. If you’re on foot, stop and pretend to be looking inside a shop or fixing your hair, this way you can think things through properly and figure out a plan of action.
    ·Mix it Up

Take a few wrong turns or take a quick detour, then double back. This is an effective way to find out if someone is really following you, because how often do two people make the same wrong turn at the same time? If your suspicions are correct – walk/drive to the nearest police station or public area.
      ·Walk to a Busy Location

The wo…