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6 Vital Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Driving a car is one thing; however operating a motorcycle on the road requires a completely different set of skills.

When it comes to riding a motorcycle knowing all the correct traffic laws, having the ride education and simple common sense can mean greatly reducing motorcycle fatalities. If you are hitting the road on a motorcycle, make sure you know these 6 vital riding safety tips…
Wear a helmet with a protective face shield or eye wear. By wearing a helmet you are protecting your head from a possibly severe injury. Someone riding a motorcycle and NOT wearing a helmet could result in an injury that is 10 times more critical.
Always wear the correct riding gear. Wearing the appropriate gear and clothing will minimize any injuries if you are ever in an accident. Clothing such as leather boots, jacket and gloves as well as reflective tape can protect you from severe injuries and make it easier for other people on the road to see you.
Follow the rules of the road. Just because you are r…

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