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6 Helpful tips to keep your Children safe in your Neighbourhood

The sad truth is that no neighbourhood, no matter how protected it is, is completely immune from experiencing crime.
Luckily, there are tips families can use to try their best to keep everyone safe in the neighbourhood, especially young children!

1 – Always know where your children are. You children should always tell you and ask permission before they leave the house, as well as give you a time when they will be home. If they do not have a cell phone, make sure they give you the contact details of where they will be going.
2 – Get your children to learn important phone numbers. Teach your children to recite important cell phone numbers and memorise your home address. If they have trouble remembering get them to carry around a written note with all the important details written on it.
3 – Set limits.Do you want your children crossing a busy road, playing near abandoned buildings or walking past certain homes you don’t want your child to go to? If so, make sure to set boundaries on where …

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