Would your Neighbour Burgle you?

Who is in a better position to observe your daily habits? Who has a front-row seat to your comings and goings? Who is most likely to watch you as you load your luggage into the car and pull away for a vacation?

Are you absolutely certain that neighbour burglary can’t happen to you?
Unless homeless, all burglars have neighbours. Some of these criminals even live in decent neighbourhoods where they also have regular jobs and families who love them.
Neighbour burglary happens because people who are the most familiar to us are also the ones we least expect to steal from us. Burglars living next door to their victims count on this. See, most of us think of criminal perpetrators as “outsiders”, but that’s not always the case, so keep this in mind when it comes to your own home security strategies.
To be on the safe side, we suggest you install an alarm system and have it professionally monitored so that you are alerted the moment your alarm is triggered and install surveillance cameras in and …

The Facts about Pepper Spray

As crime continues to escalate, people need to know how to protect themselves.
A lot of people are wary of getting a firearm and some simply cannot afford a fancy security system that is why a lot of people are considering pepper spray.
Before you run out to get yourself a can of pepper spray, read these facts about pepper spray...
-- You can’t rely 100% on pepper spray or mace for self-defence against a violent criminal.
-- You need to check with your law enforcement if there are any restrictions before you buy pepper spray.
-- Pepper spray should ALWAYS be kept away from children.
-- Check the expiry date on a regular basis to make sure that there are no slow leaks that could cause a loss of pressure.
-- You need to shake your pepper spray on a regular basis to keep the chemicals effective.
-- Never expose the pepper spray to extreme heat or cold.
-- A criminal must always be within range if you want the pepper spray to be completely effective.
-- Remember that is you use your pepper spra…

How can you make your Neighbourhood a Safer Place?

Gone are the days when all the neighbourhood kids played kick the can in the middle of the street. Whether you blame it on paranoid parents or uninterested children, one thing is for sure – many neighbourhoods today are lacking that close-knit feeling.

Neighbourhood safety is a team effort, but it starts with you! What can you do to make your neighbourhood a safer place?

Here are 5 simple tips to keep in mind:

Know Your Neighbours

This is very important. You need to know whether they work during the day and whether they have children. Do you live next to an old couple that stays home, is there a teenage driver in the family or are there small children you need to look out for. Knowing all these things helps you be aware of who is in your neighbourhood and what could be suspicious activity.

Always have a way to reach your neighbours if they’re gone and something doesn’t seem right in the neighbourhood. It might even be a good idea to develop a neighbourhood calling tree.

Be cautious When Lea…

How Criminals get over your Electrical Fencing

In South Africa you’ll notice that a lot of home and business owner have installed electrical fencing to keep criminals out. However, even electric fences have certain weaknesses that criminals have figured out!

Some criminals are smart and crafty, so they’ve learnt that if an electric fence does not make that clicking sound – it’s probably off! Or if certain wires are loose, then it’s probably broken.
In South Africa, criminals are known to use a method of hitting an insulator off the bracket, or hitting the wires with a piece of wood to try and break the wires. Once they’ve tested out the electric fence, they’ll sit and wait for a response, if there is no response – they’ll make their move.
Another popular method is throwing a piece of rubber or a rubber mat over the electric fence in order to climb over safely. However, this method may trigger the alarm if it is a properly installed fence.
Any kind of weak electric fencing design makes it possible for burglars to bend the fence, and t…

What to do when a Hostile Intruder is in your Home

If you are ever in a situation where a hostile intruder threatens your personal safety or the safety of your loved in your home – follow this easy guide.
RUN when a shooter is in your vicinity
     ·If you can find a safe escape route, then it is best to evacuate      ·Leave your belongings behind, your life is more important      ·Help others to escape      ·Press the emergency SOS button on your PatrolMan app      ·Call the police immediately after for help
HIDE if you can’t evacuate
     ·Find a place to hide that is out of the shooters view      ·Choose a place that provides protection if any shots are fired      ·Hide someone that does not restrict your movements or options to escape      ·Always silence your phone and turn off any lights
FIGHT only as a last resort
     ·Try to incapacitate the shooter      ·Improvise weapons ·Act with physical aggression and confidence      ·Commit to your actions and RUN once the intruder is incapacitated

What to do if an Intruder is in your Home

Every year millions of burglaries happen in South Africa, as well as all over the world. And almost all of these burglaries occur in normal residential homes!

While you can take all the necessary steps to prevent a break-in, there is still a chance that you may be a victim, so here’s what you need to do if you ever wake up with an intruder in your home.
Confirm that there really is someone in your home. Sometimes it is possible for your imagination to run wild! Whatever the case is, if you wake up and suspect that there really is an intruder – stop, take a deep breath and listen carefully. If you can distinguish strange sounds like footsteps, breaking glass and doors opening, then you can confirm that there really is someone in your home.
Don’t move!It might be tempting for you to run out of your room with a Taser, baseball bat or a gun, but doing this can really endanger your life. Rather choose flight instead of flight because you don’t know if the burglar is there to simply steal you…

How to Prevent Remote Car Jamming

Car jamming is a serious reality in South Africa, whether you are parked in a secure mall parking lot, at the garage or even just outside your home. This is why making sure your car is locked properly is vital to ensure you do not become the next victim.
But how does remote car jamming work?
When you leave your car and “lock it”, the criminal who has targeted your vehicle will use another remote control to override the locking system – as a result you will walk away without realising your car is still unlocked and the alarm is off.
There is an upside though, remote car jamming is easy to prevent – all you have to be is attentive! Make sure when you press the button to lock your car that you hear the beep and see that the locks are clicked into place. It is even a good idea to check your car handles to make sure the doors don’t open. You may feel like it is an inconvenience to do these checks, but a few seconds of your time can save you money and a lot of heartache.
 Follow these few simpl…