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How to Curb Crime in South Africa

In our country driveway robberies have become a regular occurrence. According to studies, most of the victims are followed home from malls if they are spotted wearing expensive jewelry.

Everyone needs to stay alert and be aware of being followed home.  
One of the big factors leading to driveway robberies and home robberies is people being unconcerned with making sure their automatic gates are closed. Often people will leave their front doors unlocked and a criminal can simply jump over the neighbours wall and find an open door.
Domestic staff also need to be trained when it comes to being involved in a crime situation. To prevent any robberies from occurring, it is best if someone opens and closes the gate when a person is walking through instead of taking the gate remote with them.
Tips for ensuring safety in your home:
- Test your alarm system every few weeks.
- If you have access codes, check regularly that they are working to enable help to reach you should you be in danger.
- When c…