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The Truth about Carjackings in South Africa

Crime is a major concern in South Africa. Your family’s safety is the most important thing, so know that moving to, visiting or living in South Africa can be quite risky.

No, living in SA doesn’t mean you’re going to be mugged everyday or have your home broken into constantly. Being in SA just means you have to know how to stay safe.
Carjackings are a popular crime in Soouth Africa, either stolen from your property or during a hijacking. Over the last years or so, carjackings have increased; luckily for us Cape Town isn’t nearly as bad as Gauteng.
Did you know that almost every 9 minutes a car is stolen in South Africa?
What are the most popular cars that are carjacked in South Africa?
Studies from a few years back show that the most targeted cars in SA include: Opel Corse bakkies, VW Polo and Golf, Toyota RunX, Hilux, Venture and Corolla, Isuzu bakkies and Nissan 1400.
Where are the most dangerous car hijacking hotspots in South Africa?
If we look at police crime statistics, we’ll s…

Cape Town Safety Tips

The Mother City is a beautiful city, filled with people and activities and like in any other large city, it has areas that are more dangerous than others.
When you visit Cape Town, or if you are planning on visiting Cape Town, make sure you are familiar with these safety tips...
Safety Tips when out and about:

-- If you are walking around in an area that isn’t 100% safe, or you’re not sure, avoid wearing your most expensive gold jewellery, as well as any other valuables.
-- Do not carry around bags of cash with you! Simply keep a little in your wallet so that if you are mugged, you’ll have something to hand over without making the mugger irritable.
-- South Africa is one of the only countries with car guards. Keep a few coins in your pocket or in your car to give the car guard without having to open your bag or wallet (Do not give a car guard anything if he appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol.)
-- Stay away from areas that are isolated, like buildings and beaches, …

The 8 Most Common Festive Season Crimes

The festive season brings joy and happiness with family and friends, BUT it is also the most dangerous time of the year!

With all the chaos, criminals take full advantage and get away with some of the worst crimes we know. Even though the police and the neighbourhood watch groups are on special alert this time of the year, there still manages to be criminals who will ruin the festive season for someone.
Read on to find out and be aware of the most common festive season crimes:
Shopping goes through the roof in December, giving thieves the opportunity to blend into all the large crowds and stick their itchy fingers into purses, bags, shopping carts and boxes.
Home burglary
Home burglary is always especially bad during the festive season. Criminals will break into homes because they know after Christmas shopping that they will be full of expensive valuables. Another reason that home burglary is such a concern during this time is because a lot of families go away on holiday, l…

Home Improvement Tasks you should do this Summer

It can be easy to put off home improvement and tell yourself you’ll do it next month, but often if it is left undone for too long it can lead to home disasters!
With the lovely hot weather making its way here, you can put your design ideas to good use and finally make those improvements you’ve been putting off!

Take a look at these vital home improvement tips you...
     1.Wash the Exterior The outside of your house is important; when it is dirty and run-down it can attract the wrong people. Now is the time to make your home beautiful again!
2.Restain your Deck Do you have a wooden deck? You probably haven’t restain it in a while, right? The task of restaining your deck may be hard work, but it’s time to do it before you start having braais and pool parties.
3.New Windows If you want to keep a cool air-conditioned home, then replacing your windows is a must. Make sure to call a professional though because installing new windows is no easy thing to do.
 4.Clean your Gutters Leaves and o…

How to equip yourself for a Roadside Emergency

A wise driver should always have the right equipment to fix a breakdown or deal with a road accident.
You should always have in your car:
-- A cellphone – We advise getting an emergency app on your phone (the PatrolMan app allows you to send out an SOS so help will be summoned to your location immediately).
-- A bottle of water, either to drink, clean your hands or wipe the windscreen.
-- Jumper cables and extra fluids, such as oil.
-- A small box with gloves, a flashlight and some basic hand tools.
-- Pack a first-aid emergency kit, pillow, blanket and a roll of toilet paper.
-- Red reflective triangles, at least one as is required by law.
-- A pen and paper, you never know when you have to write something down and your phone battery is flat.
-- Always have some extra cash available.

Be aware of emergency and roadside assistance benefits available to you through your car insurance policy.

Child Safety in the Car

Using a seat-belt or child seat is the most effective way to protect your child in the event of a car crash. All occupants in your car should be properly strapped in when travelling!

Seat-belts and child restraints...
- Reduce the risk of your child being injured during an accident if they are flung around in the interior of the car.
- Spread out the force of the impact to the parts of the body that are considered the strongest.
- Prevent the child or adult from flying out of the vehicle during a crash.
- Prevent people in the car from getting hurt, rear-seated passengers who aren't strapped in can be catapulted forward and hit other occupants.

When using child restraints:
- Check the harness and top tether has no twists and is firm.
- Make sure your child’s arms are secured correctly and make sure the straps aren't too tight by fitting two fingers between the harness and the child.
- Check the seatbelt and harness buckles are properly secured.
Things to remember:
- Children mus…

4 Reasons Why Thieves Love Sliding Doors

It can take less than 60 seconds for a professional burglar to break into someones home.

You may have taken the time to make sure your front door and windows are secure, but if you have a sliding door, your home may still be at risk. Sliding doors are actually a thieves favourite way to get into your home.

Here are four common ways that make sliding glass doors an easy way to get into your home...

1. They have simple latches.
You may lock your sliding door every day and night, but an experienced thieve can still find a way to get in. Most sliding doors have simple latches that can be opening by jiggling the door a bit.
2. They’re often hidden from view.
Where is your sliding door on your house? At the back leading out to the pool or on the side of your home are common places. This means that they are hidden from view and thieves can break in without anyone seeing.
3. They show off the goods.
A sliding door is really just a huge window that opens into your home. When you open your curtai…

Avoiding Driver Fatigue

Driver fatigue is one of the main causes of car accidents!

Many people are under the impression that fatigue is only an issue if you are driving long distance, but this could not be more wrong. Drivers who are  only travelling a short distance can also suffer from fatigue.

Drivers don't usually get tired from driving, usually they get behind the wheel of the car when they are already really tired and this is what causes the problem.

-- Not getting enough sleep
-- Driving at the times when you would usually be sleeping
-- Sleep disorders such as sleep apnoea, a sleeping condition that causes tiredness throughout the day.
-- yawning constantly
-- sore or heavy eyes
-- slow reaction
-- Daydreaming and zoning out
-- Not concentrating on driving
-- driving speed creeps up or down
-- impatience
-- impaired driving performance such as poor gear changes
-- stiffness and cramps
-- loss of motivation

How fatigue affects your driving
Believe it or not, but being tired and dri…