Home Improvement Tasks you should do this Summer

It can be easy to put off home improvement and tell yourself you’ll do it next month, but often if it is left undone for too long it can lead to home disasters!

With the lovely hot weather making its way here, you can put your design ideas to good use and finally make those improvements you’ve been putting off!

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Take a look at these vital home improvement tips you...

     1.       Wash the Exterior
The outside of your house is important; when it is dirty and run-down it can attract the wrong people. Now is the time to make your home beautiful again!

     2.       Restain your Deck
Do you have a wooden deck? You probably haven’t restain it in a while, right? The task of restaining your deck may be hard work, but it’s time to do it before you start having braais and pool parties.

     3.       New Windows
If you want to keep a cool air-conditioned home, then replacing your windows is a must. Make sure to call a professional though because installing new windows is no easy thing to do.

     4.       Clean your Gutters
Leaves and other bits and bobs can get stuck in your gutters, and blocked gutters are the last thing you want to think about when you’re enjoying your summer holiday. Get your hands on a ladder and DIY this task – make sure someone is with you for safety purposes.

     5.       Trim Your Garden
Not only does trimming your trees, bushes and other plants better your curb appeal, it also keeps you safe and sound! Burglars are known to target houses which have un-kept gardens – why? It gives them a great hiding spot!

By following these home improvement tips, you can ensure your home will be in perfect working order for the seasons ahead.

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