The 8 Most Common Festive Season Crimes

The festive season brings joy and happiness with family and friends, BUT it is also the most dangerous time of the year!

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With all the chaos, criminals take full advantage and get away with some of the worst crimes we know. Even though the police and the neighbourhood watch groups are on special alert this time of the year, there still manages to be criminals who will ruin the festive season for someone.

Read on to find out and be aware of the most common festive season crimes:


Shopping goes through the roof in December, giving thieves the opportunity to blend into all the large crowds and stick their itchy fingers into purses, bags, shopping carts and boxes.

Home burglary

Home burglary is always especially bad during the festive season. Criminals will break into homes because they know after Christmas shopping that they will be full of expensive valuables. Another reason that home burglary is such a concern during this time is because a lot of families go away on holiday, leaving their home vulnerable and unprotected.

Identity theft

Criminals can steal your identity in a variety of ways – phishing, hacking, old-fashioned stealing – so be sure to be extra careful when you are shopping online and review your statements often.

Drunk driving

The festive season is a dangerous time to be on the road. Driving while under the influence is a common thing after all the holiday fun and celebration. But fatalities and crashes are on the rise, so stop and think before you get behind the wheel.

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Shoppers may feel the need to be charitable and generous in the festive season, however criminals will take advantage of this and prey on the silly people who unknowingly give money to fake charities and phony Christmas giveaways. Always be alert – if you find a deal that’s too good to be true, it probably is!

Vehicle theft

While you’re busy doing your Christmas shopping you will be away from your car for a good few hours, and criminals know that! Thieves will break into a shoppers’ car to steal expensive gifts that have been left inside, so make sure you hide your shopping bags and lock your car.

Rape and sexual assault

When people drink a lot of alcohol, especially women, they have a greater risk of becoming victims of rape and sexual assault. When drugs become involved, people lose all their judgement and can get themselves into dangerous situations.

Domestic violence
Studies show that domestic violence during the festive season is usually because of all the stress that comes with gift giving, shopping, holidays away and having a lot of family members around all the time! Consuming a lot of alcohol also adds to the problem.


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