Child Safety in the Car

Using a seat-belt or child seat is the most effective way to protect your child in the event of a car crash. All occupants in your car should be properly strapped in when travelling!

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Seat-belts and child restraints...

- Reduce the risk of your child being injured during an accident if they are flung around in the interior of the car.

- Spread out the force of the impact to the parts of the body that are considered the strongest.

- Prevent the child or adult from flying out of the vehicle during a crash.

- Prevent people in the car from getting hurt, rear-seated passengers who aren't strapped in can be catapulted forward and hit other occupants.

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When using child restraints:

- Check the harness and top tether has no twists and is firm.

- Make sure your child’s arms are secured correctly and make sure the straps aren't too tight by fitting two fingers between the harness and the child.

- Check the seatbelt and harness buckles are properly secured.

Things to remember:

- Children must be restrained appropriately at all times when travelling in a car.

- Make sure you choose the right restraint for your child and your vehicle.

- Restraints need to be fitted and used correctly.

- Travelling with children can be challenging, but there are things you can do to make the journey easier and safer.

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