4 Reasons Why Thieves Love Sliding Doors

It can take less than 60 seconds for a professional burglar to break into someones home.

You may have taken the time to make sure your front door and windows are secure, but if you have a sliding door, your home may still be at risk. Sliding doors are actually a thieves favourite way to get into your home.

Here are four common ways that make sliding glass doors an easy way to get into your home...

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1. They have simple latches.

You may lock your sliding door every day and night, but an experienced thieve can still find a way to get in. Most sliding doors have simple latches that can be opening by jiggling the door a bit.

2. They’re often hidden from view.

Where is your sliding door on your house? At the back leading out to the pool or on the side of your home are common places. This means that they are hidden from view and thieves can break in without anyone seeing.

3. They show off the goods.

A sliding door is really just a huge window that opens into your home. When you open your curtains in the morning, sliding doors give burglars the perfect view to see what goods you have inside.

4. They’re easy to break.

Sliding doors aren't as tough as doors that are made from solid wood or steel. If a burglar is desperate to get inside, breaking the glass panels or pushing the door off the tracks is easy to do.

After examining all the ways your sliding glass door can cause trouble, it may be tempting to board it up or trade it out for a different door altogether—but you don’t have to resort to such drastic measures. It is possible to reinforce your security and make it a lot harder for potential intruders to get in. 

Burglaries can happen to anyone, even if you think your home is secure. Download the PatrolMan app so you can keep track of the latest crime incidents, reports and statistics in your neighbourhood. The innovative SOS button will also come in handy if you are ever in an emergency situation!


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