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3 Helpful Tips for Better Neighbourhood Dog Walking Behaviour

While most of us probably know how to walk our dogs the proper way – with a leash and a poop bag – some people seem to think that the neighbourhood is their own backyard and they can do whatever they please!
So, before you decide to take your pooch on a walk in the neighbourhood, make sure to remember these helpful tips...
** Not Everyone Loves your Dog

You may love your dog with all your heart, but not everyone else in the neighbourhood does, so when you take your best friend out for a walk, be a little considerate to others!
A lot of people may think their dog can do whatever they want, so they let them run free thinking that they will stop instantly on command. No, this is not always the case; he may decide that today he doesn’t want to listen.
Just because you love your furry friend doesn’t mean that everyone else wants a massive fluffy pooch jumping on them and giving them wet kisses. Plus, a lot of people are terrified of dogs, even if you know your bestie couldn’t hurt a fly,…

How to Keep your Handbag Safe

Your handbag contains a lot of important items, so you need to know how to prevent becoming the next victim of handbag (or man-bag ) theft. Use these easy tips to keep your belongings safe and sound...

> Be alert and aware of the people around you. If you feel nervous or suspect something isn’t right, make your way to the nearest business and ask for help.
> If you have a flap on your bag, make sure it is against your body.
> Always keep your bag closed and secure under your arm.
> Keep one hand on your bag when it is in a shopping trolley or pram. Always be wary about hanging it at the back of your chair at a restaurant and leaving it by your feet in the movie theatre.
> Push your wallet or purse down to the bottom of your bag so it is hard to reach.
> Never, ever leave your handbag on the passenger seat in your car; keep it under the seat or in the boot. Someone could easily smash the window when you stop the car and steal your handbag.
> If your bag is stolen,…

DIY Home First Aid Kit

All homes should have a special place where all the medicine, plasters and ointments are kept. This is important, because you never know when you’ll need them.

If you don’t have a first aid kit put together, don’t stress! Making your own DIY first aid kit for your home is quick and easy...
Here’s what you’ll need:
-- A tackle box / small toolbox or makeup organizer to put everything in
-- First aid manual
-- Assorted adhesive bandages
-- Scissors
-- Gauze or elastic roll bandage
-- Cotton wool / balls
-- Antiseptic wipes
-- Blister pads
-- Pain reliever medication
-- Antihistamines
-- Antibiotic ointment
-- Hydrocortisone cream
-- Any prescription meds (if needed)
-- A thermometer for adults and infants
-- Eye drops
-- Aloe Vera gel
-- Tweezers
-- A cold pack
-- 2 pairs latex gloves
-- A space blanket
-- CPR mask

Some other optional items that you may want to include in your first aid kit:
-- A bee sting kit
-- Baking soda – It has so many medical uses!
-- Matches
-- A small knife
-- A…

Be Aware of the Flat Tyre Warning Scam

Avoid becoming the victim of a crime by always staying alert!
Motorists especially are urged to be on the lookout for people who approach them and tell them their tyre is flat. This could just be a trick to get you to walk over and look at your tyre while the criminals steal your valuables.

Here are some tips to avoid being the next victim...
-- If someone approaches you and says your tyre is flat. Do not stop and do not leave your vehicle. Drive to the closest garage and take a look at your tyre there.
-- Be alert and aware that you may be a potential target, no matter what area you are in.
-- Make sure your window is closed or isn’t fully open, this way if someone approaches they cannot reach inside your car.
-- Always be on the alert when you are stopped at an intersection or traffic light; most suspects are roaming around those places.
-- Your doors should always be locked.
-- Never leave your valuables in plain sight, like on your passenger car seat. Make sure you put them away i…

What to do during a Mall Robbery

If you are in a mall it is always a good idea to be cautious of suspicious people and activities. One day you may find yourself in the middle of a mall robbery, here’s what to do if you are...

-- Always co-operate with the criminals and listen to their instructions.
-- Stay as calm as possible.
-- Don’t use your cell phone while the robbery is taking place, this may anger the criminals.
-- Keep low on the ground and find a safe spot.
-- Take note of the criminals and try memorizing details about them. Click here for more info.
-- Make sure your children are always by your side and don’t wander off.
-- Don’t go shopping with large amounts of cash.

Mall robberies these days are becoming more and more frequent and sophisticated, so ensure that you are always prepared for the worst.
Download the PatrolMan app to get the latest crime stats, incidents and reports in your neighbourhood and the surrounding areas.

5 Tips on How to Build a Safer Community

In order to make your community a better place, everyone needs to join together and share the responsibilities and important roles in the neighbourhood.
It is best to start off small with things such as alerting neighbours of any suspicious activities or starting a community WhatsApp or Facebook group.

Here are some great tips on how to build a safer community...
> Get to know your neighbours – Everyone should try to be familiar with the routines of the people living around them.
> Always look out for each other and alert each other of suspicious persons.
> If you are going away, leave your keys and emergency contact numbers with a neighbour you trust or a friend / family member.
> Look after your house and your yard, a tidy neighbourhood is less likely to attract criminals.
> Try to get involved in crime prevention in your community by joining or helping out the neighbourhood watch. PatrolMan is an innovative new app that allows users to view their neighbourhood’s cri…

The Easy Way to Jump Start your Car

When you’re planning on travelling somewhere, or going on a long road trip, the last thing you want is a flat battery.
If you know how to jump start your car, then you’ll be able to get up and running in no time, all you need is a set of jumper cables in your boot.

How to restart your battery in the following steps:
 >> Park both cars and put them in neutral, then turn them off. Make sure that both have their handbrakes up.
>> Attach one of the red clips to the positive terminal of your battery – it will usually have a “+” on it.
>> Attach the other red clip to the positive terminal of the other car.
>> Attach one of the black clips to the negative terminal on the working battery.
>> Attach the last black clip to an unpainted metal surface on your car that is not near the battery. This will help ensure a safe, grounded jump.
>> Make sure to connect jumper cables in the proper order.
>> Start the working vehicle and let the engine run for a fe…

Your New Year Home Safety Checklist

Every year people have similar resolutions, to try keep their loved ones and themselves as safe and as happy as possible. To help you keep your goals this year, we have come up with a helpful home maintenance and safety checklist.
Each task is ranked out of five, five being the most important and 1 being the least.
Start the year off on a positive note and following these simple tips...
-- If you have a fire extinguisher (which you most definitely should!) you need to inspect it on a regular basis. Check to see if the needle is in the green, if not then you need to a get a new fire extinguisher. Also examine it for any cracks, holes or damage to the handle. 5/5

Bedrooms/Living Spaces
-- It is vital to have an emergency plan that you have discussed and practiced with your family. 5/5
-- Always have new batteries in your torches and make sure there is one in every room in case there is an emergency and the power goes out. 5/5
-- Go through your cupboards and donate any old clot…