3 Helpful Tips for Better Neighbourhood Dog Walking Behaviour

While most of us probably know how to walk our dogs the proper way – with a leash and a poop bag – some people seem to think that the neighbourhood is their own backyard and they can do whatever they please!

So, before you decide to take your pooch on a walk in the neighbourhood, make sure to remember these helpful tips...

** Not Everyone Loves your Dog

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You may love your dog with all your heart, but not everyone else in the neighbourhood does, so when you take your best friend out for a walk, be a little considerate to others!

A lot of people may think their dog can do whatever they want, so they let them run free thinking that they will stop instantly on command. No, this is not always the case; he may decide that today he doesn’t want to listen.

Just because you love your furry friend doesn’t mean that everyone else wants a massive fluffy pooch jumping on them and giving them wet kisses. Plus, a lot of people are terrified of dogs, even if you know your bestie couldn’t hurt a fly, they may not know that.

So, always keep your dog close, on a lease and under control.

** Use a Leash

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It is shocking how some people think it’s okay to let their dog run wild and free in their neighbourhood. A dog doesn’t always listen; they change their mind and do what they want just like us. One day your furry pal may decide to run off and jump into someone’s yard or munch a yummy ice cream right out of a small child’s hand.

Leashes are there for a reason – to keep your dog and the people around you safe. You would be responsible if your dog got lost or accidentally knocked by a car!

If you want Spot to run around as he pleases, try finding a dog-friendly park that allows it.

** Always Clean Up

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Having a dog is not all sunshine and rainbows, your dog has to poop sometimes (some more than others) and this means YOU have to pick it up!

If your dog has to go number two, here’s what you have to do – use a plastic bag to pick it up, tie the bag and throw it away in a public bin or in your own bin.

Not only is it gross to not pick up your dog’s waste, but it is also horrible to have to walk in a neighbourhood that has dog landmines all over the pavement. Stepping in dog poop is one sure-fire way to ruin your day.

Don’t be that neighbour that no one likes – walk your dog properly and everyone in your community will appreciate it.

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