Be Aware of the Flat Tyre Warning Scam

Avoid becoming the victim of a crime by always staying alert!

Motorists especially are urged to be on the lookout for people who approach them and tell them their tyre is flat. This could just be a trick to get you to walk over and look at your tyre while the criminals steal your valuables.

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Here are some tips to avoid being the next victim...

-- If someone approaches you and says your tyre is flat. Do not stop and do not leave your vehicle. Drive to the closest garage and take a look at your tyre there.

-- Be alert and aware that you may be a potential target, no matter what area you are in.

-- Make sure your window is closed or isn’t fully open, this way if someone approaches they cannot reach inside your car.

-- Always be on the alert when you are stopped at an intersection or traffic light; most suspects are roaming around those places.

-- Your doors should always be locked.

-- Never leave your valuables in plain sight, like on your passenger car seat. Make sure you put them away in your boot or hide them in your car.

Always be vigilant, because no matter if you think you will never be targeted, you may become the next victim!

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