How to Keep your Handbag Safe

Your handbag contains a lot of important items, so you need to know how to prevent becoming the next victim of handbag (or man-bag ) theft. Use these easy tips to keep your belongings safe and sound...

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> Be alert and aware of the people around you. If you feel nervous or suspect something isn’t right, make your way to the nearest business and ask for help.

> If you have a flap on your bag, make sure it is against your body.

> Always keep your bag closed and secure under your arm.

> Keep one hand on your bag when it is in a shopping trolley or pram. Always be wary about hanging it at the back of your chair at a restaurant and leaving it by your feet in the movie theatre.

> Push your wallet or purse down to the bottom of your bag so it is hard to reach.

> Never, ever leave your handbag on the passenger seat in your car; keep it under the seat or in the boot. Someone could easily smash the window when you stop the car and steal your handbag.

> If your bag is stolen, stay calm and do not try to fight back. The PatrolMan app has an emergency SOS button that summons people to your location immediately when you need help. Consider pushing the button, unless your phone has been stolen too!

Be smart and stay safe!


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