Your New Year Home Safety Checklist

Every year people have similar resolutions, to try keep their loved ones and themselves as safe and as happy as possible. To help you keep your goals this year, we have come up with a helpful home maintenance and safety checklist.

Each task is ranked out of five, five being the most important and 1 being the least.

Start the year off on a positive note and following these simple tips...


-- If you have a fire extinguisher (which you most definitely should!) you need to inspect it on a regular basis. Check to see if the needle is in the green, if not then you need to a get a new fire extinguisher. Also examine it for any cracks, holes or damage to the handle. 5/5

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Bedrooms/Living Spaces

-- It is vital to have an emergency plan that you have discussed and practiced with your family. 5/5

-- Always have new batteries in your torches and make sure there is one in every room in case there is an emergency and the power goes out. 5/5

-- Go through your cupboards and donate any old clothes and shoes you don’t need any more. 1/5

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-- Stick a piece of paper on your fridge or somewhere in the kitchen that includes all the phone numbers for any emergency personnel, including doctors numbers, police and fire departments and any other emergency contacts. 5/5

-- Check your extractor fan above your stove for any signs of grease build up as this could start a fire. Make sure to keep it clean! 4/5

-- Change your fridges’ water and ice-maker filters every six months to remove contaminants that build up. 3/5

-- Clean or vacuum your fridge’s coils to remove dust and grime that could otherwise spark a fire or cause your fridge to malfunction. 3/5

-- Deep clean your stove top and oven to prevent grease or oven fires. 3/5

-- Your sink can easily get clogged with grease and food, so clean it with baking soda, vinegar, hot water and some dish washing liquid to keep it fresh. 2/5

-- use multipurpose kitchen cleaner and a cloth to clean all your kitchen counters and cabinets. If there are any loose handles or racks, tighten those up. 1/5

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-- Stock up your first aid kit with new materials you may need, like plasters, gauze, disinfectant cream, etc. 5/5

-- Unclog the bath and sink drains by pouring boiling water mixed with baking soda or white vinegar directly down the drain. 1/5

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-- Check your roof for any damage such as leaks, break gutters, or damaged shingles. 5/5

-- Make sure to clear out leaves and debris from your window wells and gutters on a regular basis. 4/5

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-- Always check your lighting outside to ensure that it still works. Homes that have a lot of outside lighting will deter burglars. 4/5

-- The wall or fence around your property should be examined to make sure there are no holes or breaks. 4/5

-- Trim your hedges, bushes, flowers, trees, etc. Burglars will target homes that have a lot of hiding places. 3/5

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The sooner you do these maintenance tasks and safety checks, the safer you’ll be! Get started today!

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