DIY Home First Aid Kit

All homes should have a special place where all the medicine, plasters and ointments are kept. This is important, because you never know when you’ll need them.

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If you don’t have a first aid kit put together, don’t stress! Making your own DIY first aid kit for your home is quick and easy...

Here’s what you’ll need:

-- A tackle box / small toolbox or makeup organizer to put everything in
-- First aid manual
-- Assorted adhesive bandages
-- Scissors
-- Gauze or elastic roll bandage
-- Cotton wool / balls
-- Antiseptic wipes
-- Blister pads
-- Pain reliever medication
-- Antihistamines
-- Antibiotic ointment
-- Hydrocortisone cream
-- Any prescription meds (if needed)
-- A thermometer for adults and infants
-- Eye drops
-- Aloe Vera gel
-- Tweezers
-- A cold pack
-- 2 pairs latex gloves
-- A space blanket
-- CPR mask

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Some other optional items that you may want to include in your first aid kit:

-- A bee sting kit
-- Baking soda – It has so many medical uses!
-- Matches
-- A small knife
-- An emergency inhaler
-- Medicine dropper
-- A flashlight

Store your first aid kit in a location that is easily accessible for everyone in the family and be sure to check it regularly to replace all the missing items and medicines.

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