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Halloween Home Safety Tips

The excitement of Halloween and all the activities to come can bring up a few extra safety precautions for you to think of when it comes to your home, yard and family...

Lighting is really important on Halloween. Kids are going to be walking up to your house the whole night to trick or treat, so you want your yard to be well lit to make sure they have a safe route to your door. Lighting also keeps those Halloween tricksters away

Even if you don't usually put your vehicle in the garage, it is a good idea to do so during Halloween because vandals like to come out to play! Protect your property and put your car, bikes, tools and other lawn furniture away.

The same goes for your pumpkins. Your kids may have spent hours carving a beautiful pumpkin, so bring them inside or put them close to your house to avoid your pumpkins from being murder victims.

Loud crowds and new people randomly coming up to your door may sca…

3 Sneaky Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe

In order to hide your valuables effectively, you need to think creatively. Where are hiding places where you think a robber won't look?

You can use simple, every day things to hide your money, jewellery, valuables and keys, no matter where you are!

Here are four great ways to make sure your stuff is always safe...
1. Empty Bottles and Jars It could be an empty mayonnaise, pickle or spice jar, burglars wont really think to look through your food products. Even if you want to use an empty shampoo bottle, they wont really give it a second glance. Make sure to wrap your valuables in plastic or a Ziploc bag beforehand.
Want to make use of your empty mixed herbs jar? Here's how:
-- Empty it out
-- Clean the jar
-- Paint the inside with glue
-- Add herbs to coat the inside
-- Throw away the extra herbs
-- Put your stash in a bag and put it inside
-- Seal the jar
-- Place it as usual in the spice rack
2. A Tennis Ball If you're at the gym, no one will think to steal your tennis ball out y…

Avoiding Common Hazards on Halloween

Thanks to all the stories of Halloween sweets secretly filled with needles and sprinkled with poison, children have to wait until they're home to try their candy. The fact is, there is no proof that these incidents have ever happened.

I mean, i'm sure people have better things to do on Halloween then spend hours carefully sticking needles inside chocolate bars!

Checking your kids treats is still very important, but there are many other hazards you need to avoid on Halloween...
1. Yield to Cars On Halloween night kids are so much more likely to get hit by a car! Its obvious why, children are excited, running through the streets with plenty of sugar in them and many don't know the rules of the road - this is why you need to teach them!

Always make sure your children know that a vehicle cant always see them and they need to look both ways first before crossing.
2. Be Seen Reflective tape is essential as it adds some cool colour to your child's costume and it ensures they w…

7 DIY Ways to Protect Your Car From Theft

Just because your car isn't brand new with the latest gadgets doesn't mean it can't be safe. Although, there are a lot of downsides, especially since alarm systems are so expensive and a bit irritating! So, what other options do we have?

Lucky for those of us who have older cars, there are some innovative methods to protect your vehicle and the items inside...

1. The old baby monitor trick

It may seem a bit silly, but this may be the best idea ever! A baby monitor can be pretty high-tech, most come with night vision  and obviously audio. So, place it in your car to confuse a thieve and hear the window being smashed with ease.

2. The quick-release police
Removing your steering wheel may seem silly, like something they would do in a Fast & Furious movie. However a car can be pretty hard to steel and drive without a steering wheel.

3. Time to pull the plug Are you on a budget? Pull out the spark plug and no thieve will be able to start your vehicle! Its a simple, easy fix. B…

6 Scary Backyard Hazards and How to fix them

You think of your backyard as a lovely safe, beautiful sanctuary... BUT there dangers that could potentially harm you and your loved ones.

Don't worry, we've identified 6 common backyard hazards and how to fix them so you can have fun and enjoy the sunshine!
1. Dangerous grill placement Is your grill or portable braai right next to the edge of your deck? You may want to move it. A charcoal fire next to a wooden deck rail or low-hanging tree branch is a leading cause of fires.

How to Fix it: Place your braai or grill at least three metres away from any objects that could be set on fire. 
2. Toxic plants Thousands of people each year are poisoned by plants. Most of the time these plants just cause a rash or an upset tummy, but some plants can be fatal!

How to Fix it: Do your homework before choosing backyard vegetation. Some of the most common plants involved in plant poisoning cases are: syringa berries, elephant ear plant leaves, oleander leaves, thorn apple seeds, cycad seeds, d…

7 Safety Questions to Ask Your Landlord before Moving In

When you view a flat, apartment or house, sometimes you get so excited that you forget about all the important questions you need to ask your landlord.

Write up a list to make sure you remember to ask everything you need to know about your potential new home. Your landlord is more likely to try to accommodate your needs BEFORE you move in, so ask all the questions you need to.

Here are seven safety questions to ask your landlord before you move in:
1. Is everything working properly?
A landlord needs to check if everything is in working condition, especially the appliances, before you move in. Make a note to test the stove, fridge, taps and other appliances when you go for a viewing at a property.
2. Are the drapes, blinds, or curtains included?
Sometimes these things are included, and sometimes they aren't, so make sure to ask before hand. If they don't come with the residence, make sure to hand some up quickly, you don't want people looking in at your valuables.
3. Have the…

16 Must-Know Self-Defence Techniques

When your life is on the line, there is barely any time to stop and think. It is vital that you equip yourself with the basic skills to defend yourself and use in a emergency situation.

Be aware though that many of these self-defence tips are violent. However, when you're faced with a life or death situation, it means doing anything to get away alive!

1. Run. If you have to choose between running or fighting - choose to run! Someone approaches you and your gut tells you "danger", run towards a crowded area or place of business.
2. Stomp on their knee. When you don't have the option to run, try raising your foot up high and stomping on your attackers knee really hard. The pain they'll be in will distract them from you completely. 
3. Do NOT go for the groin. In most movies, when a woman is attacked, her first response is to kick her attacker in the groin. The truth is, this will probably just make the attacker angry. 
4. Hit them in the nose. The nose is a sensitive …

6 Ways to Keep Burglars out of your Garage

You may spend all your time and money securing your doors and windows, but what about your garage? Anything that is valuable in your garage is at risk, especially if it is attached to your home.

Use these seven simple ways to secure your garage and keep burglars out of your home.

1. Use a cable tie.
There are ways to secure your garage door by using something as common as a cable tie! Your garage door might be fancy, but it can still be broken into in a matter of seconds - connect a cable tie to a loop in the emergency latch on your garage door and thieves won't be able to break in.
2. Keep your garage door opener in the house.
Keeping your garage door opener in your car is convenient, but it makes it so easy for burglars to quickly grab it, open the door and drive your car right out. Make a habit of taking your garage door opener into the house with you or lock it in your glove compartment.
3. Keep windows covered. If a burglar can see into your garage they will be able to spot you…

Spring Heat Fires up Crime

As the days get warmer, we start to enjoy more fun time with our families away from home. This means that criminals will be on the lookout for items which can easily be taken when you’re away!
Unlocked doors, open windows and open garage doors all provide a temptation to steal valuables left in plain sight, such as bicycles, purses, tools, packages, etc. huge trees, overgrown bushes and out of control shrubs can also provide burglars with places to hide.
How do you outsmart the common thief? Plan ahead and outsmart him!

Here are a few simple ways to make sure your home is safe and secure during the warm weather...

-- Install lighting outside, such as motion sensor lights. Burglars love the cover of darkness, the sudden light will scare them away.
-- Trim shrubbery and trees around your home to get rid of any potential hiding places.
-- Make sure your house number and address is clear in case of emergency and identification purposes.

-- Your garage should always be closed and locked, e…

CPR – Why every parent should know how to do it

It's hard to know everything and anything about children, that's why we need to learn along the way. However, one thing you definitely need to know is CPR!

Even though you may not want to think about the horrifying event of your child chocking and having to do CPR on them, it can happen to anyone, no matter how careful you are.

When a person stops breathing, blood cannot circulate, so no oxygen can get to the brain. Someone who isn't helped immediately could get brain damage or even die in a few minutes.

So, what are some of the reasons why a parent would need to know CPR?
- Accidents
- Near-drowning

- Suffocation

- Poisoning

- Smoke inhalation

- Electrocution injuries

- Possible sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)

CPR needs to be started as soon as possible to be able to work effectively!
There are three basic parts to CPR:

- Airway
- Breathing
- Circulation

If you are giving a child CPR, it should be done in five cycles over a time period of two minutes.

Check to see if th…