16 Must-Know Self-Defence Techniques

When your life is on the line, there is barely any time to stop and think. It is vital that you equip yourself with the basic skills to defend yourself and use in a emergency situation.

Be aware though that many of these self-defence tips are violent. However, when you're faced with a life or death situation, it means doing anything to get away alive!

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1. Run.
If you have to choose between running or fighting - choose to run! Someone approaches you and your gut tells you "danger", run towards a crowded area or place of business.

2. Stomp on their knee.
When you don't have the option to run, try raising your foot up high and stomping on your attackers knee really hard. The pain they'll be in will distract them from you completely. 

3. Do NOT go for the groin.
In most movies, when a woman is attacked, her first response is to kick her attacker in the groin. The truth is, this will probably just make the attacker angry. 

4. Hit them in the nose.
The nose is a sensitive part of our bodies, so if you only have the option to fight - hit your attacker in the nose with the palm of your hand, using an upward motion. 

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5. Use your keys.
Use your keys as a weapon if you are walking alone, especially at night. Hold them in the palm of your hand with the end sticking out (kind of like Wolverine) and when you hit someone it'll be like you're wearing brass knuckles.

6. Scream.
Scream as loud as you can! If it doesn't completely shock your attacker, it'll bring people running to your aid.

7. Use your elbow.
Your elbow is the perfect weapon, so thrust it in your attackers face and stomach with as much force as you possibly can.

9. Download it.
You can download a bunch of different apps to keep you safe. The PatrolMan app has an SOS button that can be pressed if you are ever in an emergency situation – once pressed help will be summoned to your location immediately!  You should also always tell people where you’re going and when to expect you back, so they can check in on you.

10. Bite.
Dogs bite, so why can't you? Biting works particularly well if someone comes from behind and puts their arm around your neck. Not only will it hurt, but it'll startle and shock your attacker.

11. Hit your hooter.
If you’re near your car, hit the hooter. The more noise you can make, the more likely someone will come to your aid—and the better your chances of scaring your attacker away.

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12. Poke them in the eye.
When your attacker can't see, it'll disable them enough to give you the chance to run away and get help.

13. Give them what they want.
Determine if an assailant means you harm or only has the desire to mug you. If they want your phone, purse, ring, whatever, give it to them. If they are intending harm, use self-defence tactics to protect yourself.

14. Use pepper spray.
Check the laws in your country to find out the restrictions for using pepper spray. But if possible, always carry pepper spray in your bag or if you are walking alone. It will disable your attacker on contact and give you time to escape.

15. Use the buddy system.
Travelling in groups can prevent people from mugging or attacking you in the first place. If you can, walk with friends when you’re out at night.

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Whether someone is attempting to mug, sexually assault, murder, or abduct you, you can use these self-defence tips to help yourself get away safely.


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