Halloween Home Safety Tips

The excitement of Halloween and all the activities to come can bring up a few extra safety precautions for you to think of when it comes to your home, yard and family...


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Lighting is really important on Halloween. Kids are going to be walking up to your house the whole night to trick or treat, so you want your yard to be well lit to make sure they have a safe route to your door. Lighting also keeps those Halloween tricksters away


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Even if you don't usually put your vehicle in the garage, it is a good idea to do so during Halloween because vandals like to come out to play! Protect your property and put your car, bikes, tools and other lawn furniture away.


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The same goes for your pumpkins. Your kids may have spent hours carving a beautiful pumpkin, so bring them inside or put them close to your house to avoid your pumpkins from being murder victims.


Loud crowds and new people randomly coming up to your door may scare or anger your pet. Make sure he or she is confined to a certain area in your home or in the backyard. This is for their safety and the safety of the trick or treaters.


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Make sure to talk to your area's neighbourhood watch group and ask them to keep an eye on things on Halloween. The site of the neighbourhood watch can scare vandals away and plus they can keep an eye on your children as they trick or treat.

Halloween is a fun-filled day; however it can encourage criminals who may be watching you willingly open your door to trick or treater. Make sure to download the PatrolMan app, so if you are ever in an emergency situation you can hit the SOS button and help will be summoned immediately!


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