3 Sneaky Ways to Keep Your Stuff Safe

In order to hide your valuables effectively, you need to think creatively. Where are hiding places where you think a robber won't look?

You can use simple, every day things to hide your money, jewellery, valuables and keys, no matter where you are!

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Here are four great ways to make sure your stuff is always safe...

1. Empty Bottles and Jars
It could be an empty mayonnaise, pickle or spice jar, burglars wont really think to look through your food products. Even if you want to use an empty shampoo bottle, they wont really give it a second glance. Make sure to wrap your valuables in plastic or a Ziploc bag beforehand.

Want to make use of your empty mixed herbs jar? Here's how:
-- Empty it out
-- Clean the jar
-- Paint the inside with glue
-- Add herbs to coat the inside
-- Throw away the extra herbs
-- Put your stash in a bag and put it inside
-- Seal the jar
-- Place it as usual in the spice rack

2. A Tennis Ball
If you're at the gym, no one will think to steal your tennis ball out your locker, they'll go straight for your wallet. Simply make a slice in the ball and you can squeeze your money and other valuables inside. The ball goes back to its normal shape, so no one will even look twice.

3. Think Beyond the Glove Box and Boot
It's time to be creative, all thieves will look in the glove box and the boot first, so avoid putting any valuables in there. Place some of your valuables, such as a few notes in an empty cool drink can. Sticking stuff under your car mats or between the seats is also a good idea.

What other sneaky hiding tricks have you used to keep your valuables safe?

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