How to equip yourself for a Roadside Emergency

A wise driver should always have the right equipment to fix a breakdown or deal with a road accident.

You should always have in your car:

-- A cellphone – We advise getting an emergency app on your phone (the PatrolMan app allows you to send out an SOS so help will be summoned to your location immediately).

-- A bottle of water, either to drink, clean your hands or wipe the windscreen.

-- Jumper cables and extra fluids, such as oil.

-- A small box with gloves, a flashlight and some basic hand tools.

-- Pack a first-aid emergency kit, pillow, blanket and a roll of toilet paper.

-- Red reflective triangles, at least one as is required by law.

-- A pen and paper, you never know when you have to write something down and your phone battery is flat.

-- Always have some extra cash available.

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Be aware of emergency and roadside assistance benefits available to you through your car insurance policy.


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