How Criminals get over your Electrical Fencing

In South Africa you’ll notice that a lot of home and business owner have installed electrical fencing to keep criminals out. However, even electric fences have certain weaknesses that criminals have figured out!

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Some criminals are smart and crafty, so they’ve learnt that if an electric fence does not make that clicking sound – it’s probably off! Or if certain wires are loose, then it’s probably broken.

In South Africa, criminals are known to use a method of hitting an insulator off the bracket, or hitting the wires with a piece of wood to try and break the wires. Once they’ve tested out the electric fence, they’ll sit and wait for a response, if there is no response – they’ll make their move.

Another popular method is throwing a piece of rubber or a rubber mat over the electric fence in order to climb over safely. However, this method may trigger the alarm if it is a properly installed fence.

Any kind of weak electric fencing design makes it possible for burglars to bend the fence, and then climb over without being detected. Keep in mind that criminals can scale high fences like trained professionals!

Here’s exactly how a criminal will attempt to get through an electric fence…

Related image  Ø  The electric fence is off already

  Ø  A rubber mat is thrown over the fencing

  Ø  Fold a rubber hosepipe over the electrical wires

  Ø  Bend the whole fence over

  Ø  Climb over because the fence is not properly designed

  Ø  Climb beneath because the electrical wiring is too loose

  Ø  Break through the wall below the above electrical fencing

The best possible electric fence is one that forms part of a layered defence system. It should not be the only layer between you and potential intruders.

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