Running / Jogging Road Safety

Staying safe on the road is not only for people driving in cars, but for people on the road such as cyclists and joggers.

It is vital that you as a runner, know how to protect yourself from any reckless drivers and criminal activity.

Here are some safety tips to keep in mind during your run...

- Always be aware of what is going on around you. You are vulnerable to attack or injury if you don't stay alert.

- Think about where you can run to if you need to escape a criminal.

- Look around to see who is behind and ahead of you.

- Always know where public areas are and where there will usually be a lot of people.

- If you see something dodgy or suspicious, follow your gut and run in a different direction.

- Stay clear of bushy, dark areas.

- Stay alert at traffic robots, stop streets and junctions.

- Always be aware of traffic and where driver's are turning.

- Run across the street at crosswalks and always pay attention to traffic lights. 

- A driver may not see you, so be sure to make eye contact before running across the street.

- Never, ever assume you have been seen! 

- You are not the only one on the pavement. Don't run into people and force them to step into the road. 

- Wear reflective or bright clothing that can be seen at night or in the early morning.

- Be aware of other hazards such as forces of nature, animals etc. 

- Be observant of the strangers around you, but keep moving and don't talk to people you don't know.

- If people shout sexist, rude comments at you, ignore them and keep running.

- Never approach a car that stops and asks for directions. Stay far back and point or simply keep on running.

Running on the road is part of being healthy - let us avoid the dangers on the road and focus on those aspects that will help us to stay safe and without injury.

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