The Fundamentals of Firearm Safety

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Every day people die from firearm accidents. In the US alone 80 people are killed a day by guns, 34 of them are homicides!

The high levels of crime in South Africa means that safety is important and guns are often the only answer.

If you are ever in an emergency situation, be it a burglar in your house with a gun or a suspicious person wandering the streets with a suspected firearm - simply press the SOS button on your PatrolMan app and help will be summoned immediately!

Here are the fundamentals of firearm safety...

Image result-- Always handle a gun like it is loaded. If you have unloaded it yourself with your own hands then it is only classified as unloaded. 

-- Never put your finger on the trigger if you are not ready to shoot.

-- Never point a gun at yourself, someone else or anything you are not willing to destroy.

-- Know exactly what you are shooting at, what is in front of it and what is behind it.

-- Don't try to climb a fence, wall, treet etc if you are carrying a loaded gun.

-- Always check that your gun is unloaded, lying flat or secured in a rack if you are planning to leave it.

-- Never take alcohol, drugs or medications immediately before or during shooting.

-- Ricochets can happen, so never shoot at flat hard surfaces or at water.

Image result-- Make sure your ammunition is the right size.

-- If you pull the trigger and the gun doesn't discharge, keep the gun pointing at its target for at least another 30 seconds.

-- Never take a gun out of a vehicle by pulling it toward you by the muzzle.

-- Keep guns in a safe, secure area like a safe so that they are not accessible to children, thieves or anyone else who isn't authorized to use a gun.

-- Always wear ear plugs or muffs to protect your hearing.

-- Shooting glasses should be used to protect your eyes from gas blow back.

Always keep these fundamentals in mind if you plan on using a gun. The purpose is to stop the risks of accidental death, injury or damage caused by firearms.

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