9 ATM Safety Tips

Please remain vigilant with how you handle your credit cards, money and valuables at all times!

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Here's how to stay safe when using an ATM...

- Find an ATM you trust, and understand, in an area you feel comfortable. Endeavour to use it for your transactions.  This way you become familiar with how it looks and feels each time you use it.  Hence, you will be able to quickly recognise changes to the machine.  However, try to avoid it using at the same time, the same day, each week – you don’t want to be predictable

- Using an ATM located in a well-lit, well-populated area in public view always offers additional security and witnesses

- If possible, choose a machine that you have seen two or more people using beforehand

- Always have a quick look at the area around each and every ATM you use.  See if there are interesting people hovering and watching the machine

- Never use an ATM when other people are lingering around close by

- Never rely on the help of strangers to retrieve a confiscated card

- Consider using an ATM inside banks (rather than on the street), where there are cameras and security options

- Try to make it a habit to perform checks on the actual ATM before using it.

- Does the machine itself appears to have broken parts, or something that feels ‘off’ about it?   You may be better to walk to the next one.

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