Are you Neighbours Spying on you? Here’s what to do!

Having nosy neighbours who are constantly watching you or sticking their nose in your private business can make anyone reach their tipping point, even for the most patient person…

However, what are you meant to do about your inquisitive neighbour? Here are some helpful tips.

      1.       Blatantly ignore them

A lot of people who are always interested in your business are actually just attention seekers! If you see old Mrs. Dungworth from across the street watching you again just ignore her and hopefully she’ll get bored with you and leave you alone.

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      2.       Hint, hint

Should you ever end up in a conversation with your nosy neighbour, try dropping a few hints. Let them know that other neighbours have seen them spying on you constantly and that you think their behaviour is not acceptable. This might help to get them to back off.

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      3.       Try to block them

This may seem like a bit of an extreme measure, but if possible, build a tall fence or wall around your house. If you aren’t keen on going to the extreme, a few tall bushes in front of your windows can also help.

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      4.       Shock them

You know your neighbours enjoy spying on your every move, so why not give them a bit of a show. Do something that will shock them like patrol the perimeter of your yard with a broom in hand and treat your plants as if they are your army platoon. Otherwise climb the trees outside and pretend to be a monkey or throw a tea party in the nude with your imaginary friends. Hopefully you’ll shock them enough to make them leave you alone!

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      5.       Confront them

If all else fails and your neighbour just won’t leave you alone, then this is the last resort. Confront them and let them know that spying, listening in on your conversations and watching your every move is not acceptable. Only get the authorities involved if they don’t eventually back off.

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When your nosy neighbours don’t respect your privacy, it’s time to take use these steps!

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