All your need to know about Home Burglaries in South Africa

A recent study was carried out where 30 criminals were interviewed and asked a series of questions. Police and home owners can now use the information obtained to help prevent and avoid crime.

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Here are the findings…

Typical profile of a burglar and what motivates them:

> Young males aged between 19 and 26, usually working in groups of 4

> Experienced criminals that have worked their way up to home burglaries

> 70% are from dysfunctional, broken homes

> All burglars say that they are willing to use violence

> The main motivation is making a profit, with 65% of it being spent on drugs, cars, clothing and alcohol

> If a victim is targeted, it is because of they appear to have wealth

> Race plays no part in which targets are chosen

> Criminals are often influenced by other criminals who have improved their lifestyle by committing crimes

> House burglars are a common crime because there is guaranteed rewards and little chance of getting caught

Two burglary and armed business robbers arrested, Naboomspruit

How do they choose a target?

- More than half of home burglary criminals would rather travel up to 30 minutes from their base, but they’ll travel even further if the rewards are greater

- It’s shocking that 77% say that most targets are chosen because of inside information

- People who have multiple entry and exit points in their home are usually targeted

- Sometimes people who wear expensive jewellery and clothes are followed home

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Planning and execution:

* All the perpetrators said they would spend some time doing surveillance. This was usually as little as 30 minutes immediately before the attack

* 57% preferred to attack between 7pm and 12pm when residents were at home

* The most common way in, is to “break in” by forcing locks, doors, disabling electric fences and so on

* Once inside the attack is likely to last anywhere between 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Community crime prevention syndicates have an effect, as do neighbourhood watches (PatrolMan), random patrols and guards with radios. Download the PatrolMan app today and you’ll be able to keep up with the latest crime statistics, reports and incidents in and around your area.


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