Protect Yourself and your Loved Ones During a Hijacking with these Vital Tips!

Being the victim of a hijacking is an unpleasant situation that will leave you frozen in fear and horror! However it is up to you to protect your life and the lives of those that you love.

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You may want to grab your bag, valuable possessions or try and hang onto your car; however the safest option is to simply allow the hijackers to take your vehicle, especially if it will save your life.
Each situation is different, but you should stick to these steps and it could mean the difference between life and death.

-- When travelling with a child make sure they are sitting behind you and not in the rear seat to the left. If a hijacking does occur then it will be a lot easier to get out and grab your child if they are sitting behind you. This saves valuable seconds which could mean the difference between life and death.

-- If you are travelling with more than one child and they are old enough to know how to take off their own seat belt, then teach them to do so and exit the vehicle if a hijacking ever occurs.

-- Turn off your child-lock system, but only if your children are old enough.

-- Should your vehicle have a central locking system, remember to unlock all the doors before you get out of the car for the hijacker. By doing this you can easily open the back door and grab your child before the hijacker speeds away.

Related image-- Never keep your car keys in your pocket. The hijacker may think you are reaching for a firearm and get aggressive if you suddenly put your hand inside your pocket.

-- When you are leaving your vehicle, do not face the hijacker, rather turn your body and face your back to him so that your vital organs should the hijacker shoot at you.

-- ALWAYS follow the hijacker’s instructions! It is best to limit your interactions with them and remain calm – give them what they want and hopefully they do not get violent!

When you are safe, report the incident right away. Should the police take too long to respond, use the PatrolMan SOS button to summon help to your location immediately? It is vital that you report the hijacking as soon as possible so you can assist with the recovering of your vehicle and catch the hijackers!


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