4 Vital Tips to Stay Focused while Driving

While you are busy driving you may not even realise that you are distracted! Checking your hair in the mirror, switching to the next song on your radio and glancing at your WhatsApp messages are all examples of distracted driving! Without even realising it, you could have harmed yourself and the people around you.

Here are some top tips on how to stay 100% focused while driving.

Don’t Fiddle

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We all love jamming to our favourite song or listening to the news on the radio, but taking your eyes off the road for just one tiny second to fiddle with the volume knobs could mean the difference between life and death. No, you don’t have to spend the rest of your days driving in a silent vehicle! But it is best to fiddle with your dashboard before you start driving, when you have stopped at the traffic lights or without taking your eyes off the road.

Don’t Adjust while Driving

Before you start your car make sure that you can properly see out of all your mirrors and adjust them how you see fit. The same rule applies for your GPS system. If you need directions make sure to type them in before you start driving – the long process of finding the address and best route can really distract you from driving!

Be Cautious and Obey the Rules

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Always look out for traffic lights, stop signs and other vehicles at all times. While you think that you are visible to all of the cars around you, they may not see you so you need to be aware at all times. Avoid speeding up when the lights change to yellow, concentrate on the traffic around you and stop properly at stop signs! By doing these small things will really be able to stay focused on what is going on around you.

Avoid Eating and Drinking

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You may not realise this, but eating and drinking while you are driving is a real distraction. By doing either you will need to take at least one hand off the steering wheel as well as your eyes, making you distracted and slow to react.

Follow these top tips, stay focused on the road and keep yourself and others on the road safe! 

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