10 Vital Tips to Stop Car Thieves

Many of us carry very important items in our cars such as bags, laptops, wallets, cell phones, private information and even our personal identification. So, when your car is broken into it can really disrupt your life and cost you time and money!

Here are the top ten vital tips on how to stop car thieves…

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     1.       Paid Parking
You probably drive around looking for parking on the street just so that you don’t have to pay, however it is not always the best option. Most of the time it is worth it to just shell out a few extra notes and pay to park in a safe and secure paid parking lot.

     2.       Look for the Light
Always park in a well light area that is visible from all directions. A lot of light will deter thieves and make them think twice about breaking in.

     3.       Don’t Hide your Spare Key
More and more people are using magnetic devices to hide their spare keys on their vehicle. If you know about these devices then chances are so do thieves, so always keep your spare key at home!

     4.       Lock, Wind up and Hide
This is an obvious one, but always lock your doors, roll up your windows and hide away any items of value that are in plain sight.

     5.       Put away your Gadgets
It may be easy to connect your gadgets, like your GPS or your tablet in your car and then just leave them there, however it is best to take all your gadgets out or hide them when you leave your vehicle.

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     6.       Interior Locks
Locking your doors is vital, but thieves have ways to get inside locked cars. Make sure your car is extra safe by getting a steering lock or a gear lock installed inside your car.

     7.       Tracking Service
Get a tracking company to track your vehicle and be sure to display that their services are in use. If a thief knows that you can track them they’ll be less likely to target your car.

     8.       Loud Alarms
Make sure your car has a reliable car alarm installed. Loud alarms will scare off thieves immediately!

     9.       Find a Centre Parking
Parking in the middle of the parking lot is probably not your first choice, however it is the safest. A thief will try to avoid having to drive quite far to get away with your stolen vehicle.

     10.   Never Leave it Running
Never, ever jump out of your car and leave it running! It only takes a few seconds for someone to jump inside and drive away. Be safe and turn your car off and lock it.

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