Securing your Home Properly – Doors

Your doors are the main entry point into your home, so you need to reinforce them accordingly with the right measures.

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Here’s how to reinforce your doors properly:

~ All hinges need to be on the INSIDE of your house. If your door hinges are on the outside, home invaders can easily break them to get inside.

~ A door with glass panes may look nice, but you need to make sure there is security film installed to avoid a burglar breaking the glass.

~ Your door needs to fit properly into the frame. A criminal can easily use tools or a crowbar to pry the frame open if it is not fitted snuggly.

~ Install a security gate in front of your door. In this day and age the best security reinforcement you can do is install a sturdy security gate or slam-lock gate by all your doors leading outside.

~ Sliding doors usually have unsecure locking systems, so burglars like to use them as entry points. One thing you can do is add a lock that fits into the floor or the top frame or putting a wooden bar in the tracks to prevent the doors from opening. Sliding doors are 90% glass so it would also be a good idea to install security film as well.

~ Upgrade all your locks and make sure they are changed when someone moves out and you move in.

Secure your home properly by making sure your doors are impossible for burglars to get through!

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