Securing your Home Properly – Garden Shed

The shed in your garden is just a place to store your junk, right?

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No! Even though that old lawnmower hasn’t worked in 10 years, think about the value of all the other items in your shed – bicycles, tools, gardening gear, etc.

Even though your shed probably does have quite a bit of valuable goods inside of it, there is a high chance you don’t bother to secure it properly. Here’s how to keep your garden shed more secure…

~ Inspect your shed to make sure the building is secure itself. Are the walls sturdy and is the roof in good shape?

~ The door to your shed needs to be in good condition. There is no point installing new locks and hinges if a burglar can just kick the door down.

~ Use high-quality screws and hinges on your garden shed door and make sure they can’t be easily unscrewed. Fit heavy duty padlocks on the door as well as a security gate in front of the door if you feel it is necessary.

~ Choose padlocks that have minimal metal hoop exposed. They are less vulnerable to burglars who have brought their bolt cutters along.

~ If your garden shed has windows make sure to block any burglar’s vision by putting up blinds or net curtains. Consider fitting burglar bars or laminated glass which is much harder to break than regular glass.

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Now that you can secure your shed without emptying your bank account, do it now before it’s too late!

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