Appliance Safety Hazards – Microwave

Microwaves have really changed the way we cook our meals. However because of the way microwaves use radiation to cook food, there have been some concerns about the risks of using this appliance instead of a regular stove or oven...

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Common Safety Hazards...

       ·         Radiation exposure
       ·         Electrical hazards

To make sure you get the least amount of exposure necessary to the radiation from your microwave, you need to ensure that the door seal and the lock work 100% If the door doesn’t close properly, sparks could fly and it can be extremely dangerous. Fix the seal immediately or check if a vent is not block with food or grease.

A damaged or broken stirrer can also cause radiation and electrical problems in your microwave. This means all the energy in the microwave will be focused in only one area and not evenly distributed around the machine.

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How to maintain your microwave...

ALWAYS clean your microwave after you have used it, especially if you didn’t put a cover on and food has splattered all over. Food and grease builds up and it can seriously damage your microwave. Use a sponge or a damp cloth and quickly wipe up everyday messes.

If you suspect that your microwave has a problem contact a professional so you can find and fix the issue. Microwaves can shock you even when they are unplugged, so it’s best to leave the repairing to the professionals or pick up a new one.

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Provide a clean, healthy living environment in your home by making sure that all your appliances have been checked and are safe to use.

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