Appliance Safety Hazards – Stove & Oven

An average kitchen is filled with many safety hazards that you may not even notice.

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Whether you have a gas stove or an electric stove, the risks of burns is not the only reason this appliance can be dangerous.

Common Safety Hazards...

       ·         Tipping
       ·         Burns
       ·         Fires

Grease and fat is going to build up in and around your stove and oven no matter if you’re an active cook or not. Most of us wipe down after we’ve cooked, but there are hidden areas that often go unnoticed such as underneath the elements and up in the ventilation hood. Never ignore these areas, they can cause a fire hazards, so clean them thoroughly every few months.

Stoves that are not build into the counter can easily tip and fall over, especially if a child is hanging onto it or if someone leans on the door. Make sure the stove is secure properly to the floor to prevent this type of kitchen hazard.

The heat from an electric stove is dangerous and many people have burned their hands on a stove top or inside the oven as a result of thinking the appliance is turned off. This danger is important to be aware of if you have small children.

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Learn to spot the safety hazards and keep your family safety before accidents happen!

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