Your Home Maintenance & Safety Guide for this Month

While the gloom of winter rolls in, don’t forget to do something for your home this month! 

If you only have time for a few tasks, do the most important ones first...


- Remove the crumbs from the toaster to avoid a serious fire hazard
- Clean out the microwave
- Scrub out the dishwasher


- Vacuum under the beds
- Tighten and lube door hinges to avoid any accidents
- Keep a flashlight in every room with a fresh set of batteries


- Refill your first aid kit with things like plasters, anti-septic and more
- Unclog your drains with boiling water and bicarbonate of soda or vinegar
- Check for leaks behind the toilet and under sinks to make sure water isn’t being wasted


- Unclog your gutters and drains to prepare for the winter showers
- Inspect the outside of your house for problems like broken light bulbs
- Make sure your house number is visible so you can be reached if you are ever in an emergency situation

Stay safe and keep your home maintained properly by adding one task to your calendar everyday!

PatrolMan is an innovative neighbourhood watch app that was designed to allow community members to take back control of crime! View incidents, print out reports, keep up to date with the latest crime statistics and even use the nifty SOS button to summon help if you are ever in an emergency situation.


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