Appliance Safety Hazards – Refrigerator

We have many appliances all around our homes, but we often forget that they could turn into safety hazards.

Our fridge is an appliance that we often take for granted. We are so used to it being around that we forget about maintaining it and making sure it isn’t a safety hazard. However, you need to do these things in order to keep you and your family safe.

Common Safety Hazards...

       ·         Fires
       ·         Illnesses
       ·         Tipping

Keep an eye on the amount of dust and lint that gathers behind and under your fridge. This build-up can cause electrical hazards. Wires that are exposed can also present an electrical fire hazard.

Be careful that your children do not hang on the fridge and cause it to tip over; this is especially possible if the fridge is not placed on sturdy ground.

Another danger to watch out for is foodborne illnesses such as E. coli and salmonella which can survive even in the fridge!

How to maintain your refrigerator...

Clean behind and under the fridge on a regular basis. This will remove the dust and lint from the coils and avoid possible compressor failure and fire risk.

To prevent your fridge from being pulled over, tether it to the wall or install anti-tip brackets or straps and make sure it is placed on sturdy ground.

Make cleaning out your fridge a regular thing on your routine list. Every time you come back from grocery shopping, wipe down the shelves and the drawers to disinfect everything.

It is crucial to keep your fridge clean – make sure you do regular maintenance and safety checks!

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