Tips to Stay Safe on the Road this Easter

Image result for easter basketEaster is that time of the year when thousands of people are on the roads, travelling to their holiday destinations.

But with thousands of people travelling, comes more accidents and deaths. The department of transport reported that the main cause of accidents is speeding, dangerous overtaking, drinking and driving, fatigue and vehicles that aren’t roadworthy.

Read these tips and use them!

Always stick to the speed limit.

When you speed you reduce the time you have to react as well as limit your ability to steer properly. Follow the speed limit and you’ll be able to react to dangerous situations and safely drive around any objects in the road.

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Overtake when it is safe to do so.

NEVER overtake on a solid line. When you do want to overtake make sure you have a clear view of the traffic heading your way and never overtake more than one vehicle at a time.

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Don’t drink and drive.

Easter is the time for fun with your friends and family, but that is no excuse to drink and drive. Not only does it impair your ability to drive, but it can kill travellers, passengers, pedestrians and yourself.


After a long day of work, partying the night before, stress, sickness, boredom and sun glare, you can start to feel fatigued. If you are going to be driving long distance make sure you have atleast 7 hours of sleep and avoid driving after dark.

Maintain your vehicle.

When you drive a car that is not properly maintained you put yourself, and others at risk. Check your tyres and make sure they are in good condition and that you have your spare wheel in the back. Also ensure you check your oil and water.

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Just because you are following the rules of the road doesn’t mean that everyone else is – be alert and stay safe this Easter!

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