How to Stay Safe If you get Caught in the Middle of a Riot

In light of recent events that have been happening in our country, we need to be prepared for the worst, such as riots, protects and marches that turn violent.

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If you ever find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time, here’s what to do...

> Keep up-to-date with the latest news and updates so you know where marches are happening and which volatile areas to avoid.

> If you hear about a demonstration taking place, steer clear of that area and stay inside until you know it is safe to go out.

> If you do come across a march, riot, protest or demonstration, leave the area and find another route.

> Avoid any areas where police force action is taking place.

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> If you are ever caught in the middle of a demonstration, move to the edge of the crowd where it is safer.

> When you can, break away and go inside the nearest building and stay inside until the crowd passes.

> Stay far away from glass store windows/fronts, burning tyres and people throwing rocks, etc. 

> Stay on your feet and move with the flow.

> Remember to stay calm!

When a riot happens, all law and order goes out the window. So, make sure you know how these crucial steps to stay safe if you are ever caught in the middle.

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