Don’t be the Victim of Signal Jamming and Vehicle Theft!

Many of us walk away from our cars without even checking if the doors are actually locked. Close the door, walk away and press the immobilizer button and you trust that your vehicle is secured.

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This is where you’re wrong! Criminals are watching your every move, waiting to take action.

If you are a vehicle owner, follow these safety suggestions…

  ü  Always be cautious about where you park your car

  ü  Try to park in a busy area where there are visible security cameras

  ü  Be alert and look out for any suspicious people lurking around for no reason

  ü  If you are visiting a restaurant or a bar, find a seat by the window where you can watch your vehicle

  ü  Never walk away from your car without actually physically checking that all the doors are locked

  ü  Wait for the “beep” from your immobilizer or the flash of the lights

  ü  Always close all your windows as well as lock your boot

  ü  It is best to never leave valuable items lying in your car for people to see (cell phones, bags, wallets, laptops, etc.)

Avoid becoming the victim of signal jamming and vehicle theft – use these tips whenever possible!

Download the PatrolMan app and press the SOS button if you are ever in an emergency situation. Help will be summoned to your location immediately!


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