Your Complete Car Seat Safety Guide

With the school holidays coming up, you may be spending more time on the road with your family. Whether it is a road trip to grandma’s house or a quick ride down to the shopping mall, it is vital to remember car seat safety for your child.

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Here is your complete car seat safety guide:

NEVER leave your child alone in the car. Even if it is a cool day and there is no heat whatsoever, you should never leave your child alone in a parked car. Whether you are just running into the shop for a few minutes – just don’t do it!

Talk to your child. If you have an older child, discuss with them what they would do if they ever get trapped inside the car. To prevent your child from accidently climbing into the car and locking themselves in, always keep all your doors locked.

Keep a reminder. Create some kind of reminder system to stop yourself from forgetting your child is inside the car. Accidents often happen when parents are on “auto-pilot” and completely forget their child is inside the car. To remind yourself, keep your bag, cell phone, etc. in the backseat so you get into the habit of checking the backseat.

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Always bring your own car seat. Should you be renting a vehicle, it is always better to use your own car seat instead of the rental agencies. You don’t know if it’s been in a car crash or if it’s up-to-date.

Check the car seat. A car gets hot very quickly, whether it is winter time or not. If the sun is shining it can make the latches on a car seat hot, so make sure to check for coolness before you put your child in the seat.

Make a place for everything. If you’re going on a lengthy road trip, you’re probably going to be bringing a lot of stuff a long with you. Make sure all your things have a specific place in the car as your travel. Toys, games, snacks and beverages should all be secured to avoid injuries should an accident happen.

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Have fun during the holidays, but make sure your little one is safe and sound as you travel!

Should you ever be in an emergency situation, do not hesitate to press the SOS button on the PatrolMan neighbourhood watch app and help will be summoned to your location immediately.


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