Fire Safety in Rural Areas

A fire can strike at any moment no matter where you are, that is why it is so important to plan ahead and know how to protect yourself and your loved ones.

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Plan ahead…

       -          Keep a bucket of water and a bucket of sand handy to put out small fires

       -          Always blow out candles and put out lamps when you are ready for bed or leaving the house

       -          Build your house 3m apart to prevent spreading if a fire starts

       -          Plan more than on escape route

       -          Keep matches, lighters, paraffin, gas, etc. out of reach of children

       -          Keep your stoves on a flat surface away from open windows and flammable objects

       -          Never leave your stove unattended

If a fire starts…

       -          Warn everyone inside to get out immediately

       -          Escape by crawling below the smoke

       -          Help your loved ones to escape and then stay out!

       -          If a paraffin fire breaks out, use sand to put it out

       -          Use water to put out wood, paper, material, etc. fires

       -          Phone for help as soon as possible – use these numbers or simply dial 107

       -          Should an electrical fire break out, make sure to turn off the power before putting it out

       -          Do not crowd, keep the roads clear so emergency personnel can reach the fire quickly

       -          Steer clear of fire hydrants so fire fighters can get water

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Teach your children how to call for help in emergencies and teach them the correct emergency numbers. It is best to plan ahead to avoid injuries or death!

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