What to do if your Vehicle is Smoking or on Fire

Image result for car on fireIn general when your car smokes a bit this does not necessarily mean anything serious. However if it is smoking a lot along with a smell then something is definitely wrong.

Should your car catch on fire, then it could turn into a death trap. Quick, clever thinking and taking action fast could mean the difference between life and death.

Read and learn these steps so you know what to do if you vehicle is ever smoking or on fire…

>> Stay calm and do not panic, this will only waste time

>> If your car is still moving, signal and stop on the side of the road

>> When the car has stopped moving, turn it off immediately

>> Make sure everyone gets out as fast as possible – leave behind anything that isn’t already in your hand

>> Move far away from the car and warn onlookers and pedestrians not to get close

>> NEVER go back into a burning vehicle

>> When you’re at a safe distance, contact emergency services using these numbers or press the SOS button on PatrolMan

>> If you suspect there is a fire, do not open the hood and take a look, this will only make the fire bigger and possible injure you

>> Do not try to put out the fire yourself, an explosion could occur as well as deadly toxic fumes

>> You should always have a fire extinguisher in the glove compartment

Every year people are killed due to vehicle fires. Explosions from the fires do not happen a lot, however it is the toxic fumes that cause the most fire-related deaths. Always have a plan if your car is ever smoking or on fire!


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