Recovering and Coping after a Residential Fire

When you are stuck in the middle of a crisis, it can be hard to just stop and think about yourself when there is so much fear, worry and stress occupying your mind. After a fire it can disrupt your normal life and destroy your sense of security, but even though you may feel knocked down, you need to get back up and come back stronger than ever!

You may want to consider these strategies when you are recovering and coping after a residential fire:

  o   Do some activities that will relieve your stress such as exercising, deep breathing and meditation.

  o   Talk to someone about how you feel, cry, laugh, etc. let your feelings out.

  o   Even when you are copying with so much, do not forget that it is okay to feel good about something.

  o   Take it slow – make small decisions daily instead of huge ones.

  o   If possible, put off vital life decisions, like finding a new job, etc.

  o   Do not isolate yourself; spend time with your loved ones.

  o   Take advantage of community help and support.

  o   Focus on all that you are thankful of, like your family being safe and try not to think about your loss.

  o   Stay away from alcohol and drugs.

  o   Try to get plenty of rest when it is possible.

  o   Even though this may not be possible, it is important to keep eating well-balanced meals on a regular basis.

Losing your home is not only the loss of your residence, but also the loss of all your valuable memories. Try your best to be resilient and use these steps to recover and cope.

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