15 Campus Safety Tips for College Students

When you think of crime on campus, stolen textbooks and vandalism probably comes to mind. However, crime that occurs in society can and does happen on campus too.

Most of these crimes can be prevented by following these 15 helpful campus safety tips…

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- Always lock your car doors any time you leave your car, even if you are running into the shop for a few minutes.

- Don’t leave valuables on your car seats or in plain sight where a thief can be tempted.

- Check the backseat of your car when you get inside to make sure no one is hiding there.

- Always lock your apartment, dorm room or house door.

- Don’t show off large amounts of money and expensive jewellery, these things will only tempt criminals.

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- Be sure of who is at the door before you open it, if you’re suspicious keep the door closed and call for help.

- Walk together with a friend at night and always walk on pathways and well-lit areas.

- If you are going out drinking, always choose a designated driver.

- Don’t impair your judgement by drinking or taking drugs, this can only lead to accepting a ride with a stranger or being left alone with someone potentially dangerous.

- If you are working late on campus make sure a friend or another student stays with you.

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- Never leave doors in your dorm, house, room, etc. propped open.

- Always know where the security office is located as well as how to report emergencies.

- Report any suspicious behaviour to the officials.

- Knowing someone does not guarantee they are not a potential danger, so be careful, especially when it comes to sexual assaults.

- Be wary of accepting drinks from others.

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Deter crimes on campus and keep yourself safe by using these campus safety tips at all times!

The PatrolMan neighbourhood watch app has a number of great features, including crime statistics, a live incident feed and an SOS button that can summon help to your location if you are ever in an emergency situation.


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