5 Signs you’re living in a Safe Neighbourhood

Finding the right neighbourhood to live in is important when it comes to home safety and making sure yourself and your loved ones are happy.

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If you’re living in a generally safe neighbourhood then you’re more likely to spend time outdoors while your children play in the garden.

Here are the five most common signs that show your neighbourhood is safe…

Community Involvement

      -          Neighbourhoods which have community events such as markets, parties and friendly get-togethers are more likely to be closer and know each other better. Getting involved in the neighbourhood is also a great way to see what the people living around you are interested in.

Local Businesses

      -          Are there a variety of businesses in your neighbourhood like family restaurants, grocery stores, coffee shops, book shops, etc.? It is worth taking a look at the local businesses in your neighbourhood and seeing what kind of people visit them.

Children Playing Outside

      -          Usually parents are willing to let their children play outside in the garden or at the local park if they feel the area is safe from any potential dangers. When you’re in a neighbourhood scoping out where to move, always keep an eye out for kids playing and laughing with friends.

Neighbourhood Crime Watch

      -          Safe neighbourhoods are a sign that the people living there care and they want to keep their area free of crime. One way to spot a safe neighbourhood is to look out for neighbourhood crime watch groups – download the PatrolMan app for your local neighbourhood watch group and take back control of crime in your area!

Low Crime Rates

      -          It’s not always so simple to spot crime in an area, but it is an effective way to see if a neighbourhood is safe or not. If you’re planning on moving to a new neighbourhood download the PatrolMan app and you can keep track of crime stats, incidents and reports in the area and surrounding areas.

Your happiness and quality of life depends on the neighbourhood you live in. You can take action to make your neighbourhood safe or keep it as safe as it already is! 


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