How to Stay Safe when getting in or out of your Vehicle

During those few seconds when you get in or out of your vehicle, you are the most vulnerable to attack. Criminals know that distractions such as putting your groceries into the boot, strapping your child in their seat and simply unlocking the door can work to their advantage.

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This is why it is so important to know how to stay safe and even be ready for a fight when you get in or out of your vehicle…

Always be ready to open your car door:

  §  Do not stand around looking through your handbag, purse or pockets – have your keys out, in your hand and ready to open the door.
  §  Carry your keys in your right hand to unlock and get into your vehicle faster. Try holding your keys in-between your fingers as a self-defence weapon.
  §  Hook your finger through a keyring to avoid dropping your keys, especially if your hands are full.

Listen to your gut:

  §  Look around and be aware of suspicious people that may be watching you from a distance.
  §  Consider climbing in from the passenger side to avoid being grabbed from behind the driver’s side.
  §  Glance behind on a regular basis in case an attacker is planning on running up and surprising you from behind.
  §  If you think the stairwell in the parking building may be dangerous, rather walk the ramps – even if it takes longer.
  §  Avoid walking in between parked vehicles; rather walk down the middle of the parking aisles.

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Check the back seat:

  §  Before you even open your car door, look through the windows and make sure no one is hiding inside.
  §  Make sure your interior car light is working, so when you turn the key and open the door at night, you can see the inside of your car.
  §  Do not store clothing, blankets, etc. on the backseat of your car – this creates the perfect hiding spot for attackers.

Open the door quickly and get inside: Always be aware. Do not fumble around with your keys, simple find the keyhole using your fingers, while still being aware of your surroundings. Once unlocked, get inside quickly and close the door.

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Lock all doors and start the car: If you have electric doors, press the lock button and make sure all doors are locked. If you have manual locks – check each door. Once all doors are secure, start the engine and get your vehicle moving – it is best to drive to a safer location first before you call for help. Once you are at a safe location, call the police or press the SOS button on the PatrolMan app.

As a rule, make sure you are ALWAYS ready and aware when you get in or out of your vehicle!


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