Community Safety Tips for Parents and Children

A neighbourhood watch group can do what they can to keep their neighbourhood safe, but it also up to the parents and their kids to do what they can to help.

The world we currently live in is a dangerous place, so no community is completely safe. We urge all neighbourhood watch groups to download the PatrolMan app, this way everyone can keep track of the crime stats, incidents, reports, etc in the neighbourhood – taking back control of crime!

Here are a few neighbourhood safety tips that parents need to know to keep their children safe.

> Know where they are at ALL TIMES. This may seem like common sense, but a lot of parents think it is okay for their children to wander around in the street. If they are going to visit a friend down the street, always ask them to tell you whose house they are going to, or better yet, walk them over yourself.

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> Write down your number and other emergency numbers. Make sure your children know how to reach you, not just on your cell phone but at work as well. Stick a list of all the numbers on the fridge, including parents, guardians, older siblings, police department, fire department, etc.

> Make limits. If there are busy roads and dangerous spots in your neighbourhood, communicate to your children that they should stay away, even if they are walking home from school. Also, rules like no swimming in the pool until you’re home, etc. should also be discussed.

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> Get to know your neighbours and their children. Invite them over to your house to make sure they are decent people and get to know them better. Once you are friends with people in your neighbourhood you will also be able to work together to fight crime and warn each other of suspicious activity.

Parents can keep their children out of trouble by following these simple rules..


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