Is your Child in a Gang?

Gangs are a scary, but a very real thing that occurs everywhere around the world. What is even scarier is the fact that you may not even know your child is in one!

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A youth gang may get together after school and intimidate assault, vandalise and even burglar people. Do you know of gangs in your neighbourhood or the surrounding areas? They may be a danger to the people in your community. Download the PatrolMan app and you can keep up to date with the latest crime stats, reports and incidents, as well as use the SOS button if you are very in an emergency situation.

Have you been getting the feeling that your child may be involved in a gang? Here are some important signs to look out for.

Image result for south african youth gangs>> Your child starts hanging out with a new group of friends. This group may be known for being gang members.

>> There is a dramatic change in the way your child behaves, their personality and their habits.

>> Their appearance may change to associate themselves with the gang, such as hairstyle, clothing, jewellery and even tattoos.

>> You discover evidence or suspect that they may be using drugs and drinking alcohol.

>> A sudden interest has started in gangster style music, videos, movies, clothing.

>> You’ve noticed that they come home with bruises and injuries that may be associated with fighting.

Related image>> They have started to withdraw from the family and no longer speak to their old friends.

>> School marks start dropping and they often get called in because of skipping classes, bad behaviour and poor performance.

>> They suddenly have large amounts of money and goods with no explanation as to how they got it.

>> Frequently coming home late, having run-ins with the police and breaking your parental rules have become a regular occurrence.

The best thing you can do is talk to your child, because these signs don’t always mean your child is in a gang, they could just be going through a phase.

Discuss the realities of gangs with your child today!


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