Your Cars been Broken into – Now what?

Having your car broken into is not much fun, in fact it can feel like the worst thing in the world. However when it happens you need to know what steps to take!

Here are the most important steps you should take before doing anything else, keep in mind they may change a bit according to your situation...

     1.       Call the Police

Use your common sense and call the police immediately and don’t get inside your car and start rummaging around to see whats missing. Your car is now a crime scene so fight the urge to touch ANYTHING. If you’re in Cape Town call 10111, but we know how long the police can take to respond, so press the SOS button in the PatrolMan app as well and help will be summoned immediately to your position!

When the police do arrive, make sure you file a report listing all the stolen and damaged items. This is important for insurance purposes.

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     2.       Take Pictures and Record the Damage

If you are in an accident it is like second nature to stop and take pictures of the event. This is the same if your car has been broken into. Take pictures of EVERYTHING that is damaged, including windows, tyres, doors and also the interior of the car. After you have taken pictures of everything, make sure to write everything down on a piece of paper too.

     3.       File a Claim

Check with your insurance company and check what is covered and what isn’t. Some insurers will pay for the broken window, while others will just pay for your stolen cell phone, purse or laptop. Either way, contact your insurance company and send them the police report and any other information they may need.

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     4.       Cancel all Cards

If your purse or bag was stolen which housed your cards and ID, then be sure to immediately contact your bank and let them know your personal credit cards or debit cards were stolen. The last thing you need after your car was broken into is someone getting hold of your name, birthday, etc. and stealing your identity!

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Stop, think and make sure you know these steps if you’re ever in this situation.


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