What to do if your Child Joins a Gang

Image result for african gangsIt can be hard to know what to do and how to act when you find out your child has joined a gang. Children often join gangs because it makes them feel protected or they just give into peer pressure, however it is not too late for them!

There are a number of things you can do as a parent to understand, support and protect them...

§  Try to understand it from their point of view. Avoid coming on really strong and immediately attacking them and laying down rules. This will only push them away! Try to see things from their perspective and you will discover why they joined the gang in the first place.

§  Be a good role model for your child. Your child may have joined a gang because they have no proper role models at home and they feel that the gang has more of a clear set of rules then their chaotic lives at home. If there is violence at home and no communication, your child may see this as unacceptable way to act.

§  Work together with your partner. It is best that you work with your partner or even with your ex-partner to come up with a set of rules and a clear message that your teen needs to live by. By doing this, your child won’t try to play one parent against another!

§  Visit your child’s school. Talk to the teachers at your child’s school and try to find out how they act away from home. The school may even be able to offer support if there is already known gang activity among the students.

§  Discuss it with other parents. Other parents may be in the same boat as you are, and could offer you some help and support. Otherwise you could join together and set up a meeting with your children to discuss why being in a gang is a bad decision.

You may be living in a great neighbourhood, but gangs can still be a threat for your child. Leaving a gang can be hard, so make sure you are there to help your child!

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