Teens in Cars – What are the Facts?

Road accidents claim the lives of thousands of people every day, even more so for teens, as motor vehicle accidents are the number one killer of teens.

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So, what are the facts when it comes to teens in cars?

> Deaths between teen drivers and their passengers are almost equal.

> In half of all car accident deaths, the teen was not wearing a seat belt.

> 1 in 4 teens say they don’t wear a seat belt every time. Why? 
>> 34% say they forgot
>> 16% say they weren’t driving far
>> 11% say seat belts are uncomfortable
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> Reduce the chance of death by 45% - encourage teens to wear their seat belts at all times!

> Did you know that 39 % of teens say they have driven with another teen driver who was texting on their phone?

> 57% of teens say they have been in the car with a parent who was talking on the phone while driving.

> 28% of teens say they have been in the car with a parent who was texting while driving.

> 4 out of 10 teens say that they would ask the driver to stop if they were driving dangerously, however the same amount say they wouldn’t do anything!

The teen years are a time in someone’s life where they would like to have some independence; however they need to know how to stay safe. Always remember to buckle up your seat belt and never be afraid to speak up!

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