Valentine’s Day Safety Tips

Just because Valentine’s Day is all about love and sharing, but that doesn’t mean you won’t be the next target for a criminal! The bad guys out there use this day as an advantage to commit crimes when you are away on your romantic date.

Use these helpful tips to ensure you stay safe this Valentine’s Day...

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Don’t post your plans on social media. Just like you wouldn’t share you holiday plans, don’t share your Valentine’s Day plans either. Burglars use social media too, so when they see you’re planning on going on a romantic weekend away or out to a fancy restaurant for the night they’ll know your home will be vacant.

Don’t post pictures. Wait until you are home or the following day before you post any Instagram pictures of your romantic meal by candle light. Just like posting your plans, the pictures will show you’re not home. Plus, your date might not be so impressed with you taking a million pictures instead of just enjoying the moment.


Don’t carry large amounts of cash. Valentine’s Day is a busy night; everyone is out and about trying to show how romantic they are. There is a possibility you could lose your purse, wallet or even be pick pocketed, so only bring as much money as you need.

Don’t take your eyes off your valuables. Yes that handbag does go very well with your red dress, but just remember to keep it in your sights at all times. Avoid hanging it on the back of your chair in a public place; rather put it on your lap or on the floor with the strap through the chair leg.

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Don’t walk in dark, deserted areas. It can be the perfect end to a romantic date to take a stroll through the park with your partner. However try to avoid dark areas where no one else is around as this can encourage muggers and criminals to attack.

Don’t keep anything flammable close to the fire. There is nothing more romantic than cuddling by the fire, but what’s not romantic is your blanket catching on fire when you get to close to the flames. Stay a safe distance away from the flames and ALWAYS use a screen over your fireplace.

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Don’t leave your home empty. If you and your loved one are planning on going away for a few days to celebrate Valentine’s Day, ask a friend, family member or neighbour to look after your home. Get them to check your post, open and close the curtains, water the plants and turn on the lights.

Don’t leave the oven, candles or fire on. Perhaps you’d prefer to spend your Valentine’s Day at home with your date having a romantic homemade meal. If this is the case, be careful! After a few glasses of wine you may forget to turn off the oven, blow out the candles and put out the fire, so make a note to yourself before you go to bed.

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Stay safe this Valentine’s Day!

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