Keeping our Kids Safe in and around School Zones

School days mean one thing – congestion. Buses are parked, children on bikes are rushing to school and parents are dropping off their offspring hurriedly so they can get to work on time.

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It is so, so important for everyone to pay attention when driving in school zones, especially when dropping off or picking up children.

Some schools have drop-off zones or procedures, this helps, so if your child’s school has them – make sure you know them! If not, follow these simple rules:

-- Never double park. This blocks a driver’s view and a child’s view.
-- Don’t drop off children across the road from the school, unless you are going to walk them over yourself.
-- Try carpooling to reduce the amount of cars at the school.

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Did you know that more children are hit by cars in school zones or near schools than any other location? It’s a scary fact and that’s why we need to take precautions to keep our children safe.

-- Never block the zebra crossing when you are stopped at a red light, this could put them in the path of traffic.
-- Always stop and yield in a school zone when children are crossing the road.
-- If there is a crossing guard holding a stop sign – stop!
-- Look out for children in school areas, parks and residential areas.
-- Don’t hoot and rev your car when children are crossing.
-- Never try to take over a car that is stopped at a zebra crossing.

Take care, slow down and use extreme caution when driving in a school zone. It is possible for everyone to share the road safely!

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